Month: April 2007

MSNBC Sliding Scale of Candidate Performance

MSNBC has a unique “sliding scale” to rate how the Democrat Presidential candidates performed this evening… Head over to MSNBC and try it out based on how you thought the Democrat candidates did at tonight’s debate in Orangeburg, SC.

First Democrat Debate in Orangeburg, SC

Just got through watching and digesting the first Democrat debate in Orangeburg, SC at SC State University. Barack was on his A Game, Hillary seemed flustered and Edwards was great until the very last question. When asked “Who Is Your Moral Leader?,” Edwards paused for an awkward ten seconds before stumbling out something about his …

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Productivity Meme: Play More

(Photo from Freder1k on Flickr) Andrew Wee has tagged me on the latest meme sweeping the interwebs… Write a post on your best productivity tips. Challenge yourself by picking your single best productivity tip (although this isn’t a requirement; you can give us more if you want!) Wow.  I am probably the most disorganized person …

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My Mom is Using GMail

Yep, it’s true. I’ve gotten my mom on GMail.  I think it will change her life and improve our communication as she is already taking advantage of GTalk within GMail. Congrats, mom!

Teaching College

My first semester of teaching Intro to the Old Testament (Religion 101) at Gardner-Webb University is almost over. Wow. What an experience.  I can’t tell you how quickly the semester has flown by and how much we still have left to do.  There’s one week of full classes yet and I’m just getting to Hezekiah …

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Who is Jacob (on Lost)?

I am a complete Lost geek. I can’t believe I just read through this entire thread with the same excitement as I have when reading a great book…

I’m Using OpenDNS

So, I took the plunge and decided to try OpenDNS. I’m impressed. It seems to really speed things up, especially in Firefox.  Plus, the shortcuts are awesome… I’m already using my toolbar less!

Baby Harrelson

Anna and I are more than proud, happy and excited to announce that we’ve got a baby on the way! The due date (which you can follow by the awesome widget above) is around October 10, 2007. My dad’s birthday is October 5 and Schaefer (my beloved firstborn son and dog in the pic over …

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