November 2007

People Punched Right Before Eating

Still my favorite… You can’t beat the Jovi Punch.

Facebook Pages in Google?

GigaOm has an important scoop… Now I have some skinny on a recent development that could have long-term ramifications, among them Google sending more traffic to The company will soon announce that some application canvas pages (ones that don’t require a special login) will become publicly indexable by search engines like Google. So for …

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I Look Goofy

Found this pic of me tonight on Flickr (from BlogWorldExpo last month)… Weird yet kinda cool I think. I definitely talk with my hands too much. It was a fun talk, nonetheless.


I found a great little web jukebox tonight called Songza. If you’ve got a tune stuck in your head and need a fix, it’s perfect.

Quantum Physics for Beginners

Wow, I wish I had this video while I was teaching 8th grade Physical Science (and trying to demonstrate quantum physics with just a chalkboard and lots of enthusiasm). “What does an observer have to do with any of this?” Awesome explanation. Glenn Beck needs to watch this, btw (*cough* idiot *cough*).

Downloadable AJAX Code

Stumbled across a great site called and thought I’d share. Create some fun stuff and enjoy.

From a Direct Marketing Perspective, Facebook Beacon is a Terrible Idea

Facebook really is boring me with their marketing attempts. I’ve basically begun to snub my nose at it because, quite simply, what they’ve rolled out so far will never work or sustain any sort of revenue for advertisers (or marketers). There are already too many concerns over privacy, data ownership and FB’s long term sustainability …

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StarWars Goes Web2.0 With Yahoo Deal

I just received an email detailing a new partnership between Lucas Film’s StarWars franchise and Yahoo to promote the StarWars brand via a web2.0 style social network…

Reality Check

Thanks to Phil at BadAstronomy for the reality check… In the new Hubble image of the galaxy M74 we can also see a smattering of bright pink regions decorating the spiral arms. These are huge, relatively short-lived, clouds of hydrogen gas which glow due to the strong radiation from hot, young stars embedded within them; …

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Look Who’s Back: Local TV

CenterNetworks has news of a partnership between Google and Hearst-Argyle Television: Hearst-Argyle Television (NYSE:HTV) and Google have entered a new strategic agreement today where Hearst-Argyle, operator of 29 TV stations and more than 30 Websites, will become an official reseller and will use its Web sales force to provide marketers in its 26 local markets …

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How to Measure Social Media Marketing

Nathania Johnson tagged me to give my response on the best way to measure social media marketing. Here’s my response (via Seesmic):

Social Media Marketing Strategies

The always informative and wise Jeremiah Owyang has a top 10 list of posts regarding social media strategies. This is a must-bookmark post: I’m answering a lot of questions and see myself referring to the same blog posts and concepts over and over. There’s a few posts that I recommend that you read, some of …

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Zoho Writer Allows Offline Editing

A few backs the continual innovative team at Zoho announed the integration of Google Gears into the Zoho Writer web app. Zoho Writer is analogous to Google Docs and similar online word processing applications. The first cut had offline viewing facility alone. However, this release pushes the online word processing space ahead as it allows …

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