Month: November 2007

YouTube is Down! Oh The Agony!

Looks like YouTube is down… Yes, YouTube appears to be down currently. Looks like it’s down at least 30 minutes now (as of 12:45pm Eastern) based on Corsin’s note. I’ve received nine emails and a batch of Twitter messages asking if it’s down so here is my confirmation that it’s down for me as well. Try out It’s back 🙂

Most Online Marketers are Community Freeloaders

Good stuff from Tara Hunt: q: What do you call someone who joins communities, adds friends and generally uses social networking tools to promote their own interests solely? a: a community freeloader Read her explanation here.

Surprised by Seesmic

I’m not a “video person” but I am liking Seesmic a great deal these days…

Mark Cuban and Ted Stevens in ’08

If Mark Cuban were to hypothetically run for president in 2008, he might want to consider Ted “Series of Tubes” Stevens for his running mate based on these types of sentiments… In an open letter to Internet service providers published earlier this week, billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban calls for telecoms to put an end to peer-to-peer (P2P) filesharing. Cuban expresses concerns that P2P “freeloaders” are clogging the tubes with commercial content. His letter doesn’t focus …

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The Question of Reading and National Consequences

Great study on the alarming declines in reading by young adults and college educated adults from the National Endowment for the Arts: The story the data tell is simple, consistent, and alarming. Although there has been measurable progress in recent years in reading ability at the elementary school level, all progress appears to halt as children enter their teenage years. There is a general decline in reading among teenage and adult Americans. Most alarming, both …

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Link Optimization – The Next SEO?

Dave Winer writes today regarding TinyURL’s recent downtime and what it means for the web: Now that URL length has become an issue for users, it might be even better for designers to view URLs as part of site design. Look at the address for the page for the Wii at Amazon. Wouldn’t it be easier to find if the address were: Try clicking on it — it actually works! Why should a user …

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The Kids Are Alright

We should be listening to what the kids are saying and watching what they are doing as we endeavor to create a better web. Otherwise, we’ll continue to fill the role of typical adults and muck the web up: Rather than a teacher creating class blogs, and registering all the students one by one, and creating a single feed of their posts, it’s the students who are doing this around their friendship or collaborative work …

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Bookish Thoughts

Given eBooks or the real thing, I’ll gladly take my 1.0 paper books… “If you would know how a man treats his wife and his children, see how he treats his books.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Toys and Tools: Different Names for the Same Things

Having become a father just six weeks ago, I’m already recognizing the patterns of behavior that my daughter and I share.  While she’s not playing with Barbie’s yet, she’s becoming very tactile as she continues to try and figure out this strange new world that she’s joined. I love my toys.  My toys these days are phones and laptops and all sorts of geeky gizmo’s.  This week, I got my first Macbook Pro and I’m …

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Valleywag is for 8th Graders

Thought this was funny (and telling) for Valleywag readership (though Robert Scoble’s blog is at "Elementary School" level): If you’re wondering, this site is at "Genius Level."  Whatever that means.  The Blog Readability Test. What level of education is required to understand your blog?

Google v PayPerPost Act III

Google recently socked PayPerPosters with a decrease of PageRank to 0.  Harsh, but needed in my opinion.  If you’re going to dance to Google’s music, you’ve got to be willing to pay the band. Robert Scoble makes the point that: Bloggers beware. If you just write great content and put the ads around the content like everyone else does you won’t be messing with Google and Google won’t mess with you. VCDan writes in the …

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User Generated Content Can Solve Problems

For all of its noise, "user generated content" can sometime be a huge help. Yahoo Answers, for example, is sometimes a great resource when you have a random question like when a new laptop will arrive… Does FedEx Deliver on Saturdays, I mean regular ground delivery.? Does FedEx Deliver on Saturdays, I mean regular ground delivery.? – Yahoo! Answers

Tiny Google URLs?

John Gruber tweeted a great and intriguing thought tonight…   Almost a year ago, I responded to a ZDNet post calling TinyURL the "next YouTube" (saying that was a ludicrous proposition): I can’t speak for Doc, but I don’t think he would agree that TinyURL is a stealth intention engine. It’s a way to send links without taking up too much space. It’s not YouTube. It’s not an intention engine. It’s not an attention engine. …

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Don’t Have Time for RSS?

I use Google Reader to plow through about 500 feeds (mostly marketing or tech related) and publicly "share" items that I find particularly interesting throughout the day. If you’d like to get into the whole RSS or syndication thing but don’t have time to read through a bunch of feeds, you can subscribe to (or just visit) my shared items page.  Consider it a "best-of" the affiliate, search, performance and tech marketing universe. samharrelson’s shared …

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Privacy and Permission

Earlier this week I was on a social media panel for the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association in Raleigh, NC with pr guru Peter Shankman. We were speaking to a highly marketing literate crowd of about 100 or so offline and online companies interested in the social media space.  The question of privacy came up, and Peter made the excellent point that: "Privacy is currency." This is an incredibly powerful statement for marketers to keep in …

Privacy and Permission Continue Reading >’s New Video Blogging Platform is one of the most interesting places on the web if you’re int video, aggregation or user generated content. They’re announcing a new video blogging platform today to be led by a daily show from one of my favorite online people, Chris Brogan. NEW YORK – November 16, 2007 — Video Blogging goes mainstream with a new free service. today announced that they will enable anyone who is interested in video blogging to …’s New Video Blogging Platform Continue Reading >

Honoring Betsy and Larry McGehee

This is why I went to Wofford College:

Press and Speaking Engagements

I’ve updated the “Publications” page up in the menu bar to reflect some of the places I’ve spoken recently and how to get in touch with me if you’d like for me to speak at your meeting or show. Sure it’s a little vain, but I’ve gotten more and more requests for this type of thing recently so I wanted to make it easier to find and see examples of my previous speaking engagements or …

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Twitter Ads – Foamee

Looks like Twitter is figuring out a new way to monetize by including relevant social networking tools.   Personally, I like this one: Foamee is a free service that helps track who you owe beers to (and vice versa) using the popular messaging service, Twitter. Foamee | How-to

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