Month: November 2007

NeverblueAds Partners with IAC

According to DM News, CPA network NeverblueAds has partnered with IAC CAP to provide affiliate application management on IAC products. I’ve tried to find some usage numbers on the MyWebSearch Toolbar mentioned in the partnership, but haven’t been able to locate any hard data. IAC CAP is a part of the larger IAC conglomerate. IAC is the parent company of properties such as,, HSN, Evite, CitySearch, ServiceMagic, Ticketmaster and Bloglines (among about 60 …

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ScratchBack Paying 90% During Beta Phase

Jim Kukral’s ScratchBack continues to gain steam in the blogging world (especially in light of Goole’s crackdown on pagerank and link sellers over the last month). You can see my full review of ScratchBack over on ReveNews. In the meantime, Kukral has announced that they payout for ScratchBack during the beta phase will be 90%… ScratchBack has been live a week or so, and we launched it intentionally with a “higher” cut for ourselves, just …

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Web2.0 Goes Offline for Social Interaction

I’m wishing I had one of these for BlogWorldExpo this week…   Adam Bartholl and Markus Angermeier teamed together to bring you this, the "Are You Social" T-shirt, on which you can check off (with a pen) whatever web 2.0 social media/network/community you belong to! Neatorama » Blog Archive » Are You Social? Web 2.0 T-Shirt

Is Mobile Advertising Viable (Even Before Google)?

Google’s announcement of it’s mobile advertising platform and partnerships (“Android”) yesterday raises quite a few questions about the future of mobile as a computing platform. Instead of going the route of a desktop operating system, is Google putting its eggs into the mobile basket? Consequently, since Google is an advertising company at the end of the day, is mobile the next brave new world for contextual monetization of users now that Google has conquered the …

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Zen and the Art of Affiliate Linking Maintenance

How many links are too many links on an affiliate site? Is there such a thing as "link saturation" (a term I’ve heard more than once at the bar during Affiliate Summit)? While this "how-to" on effective linking doesn’t explicitly mention affiliate marketing, it’s still a good exercise in keeping things nice and neat (#10 and #11 are interesting points for affiliates). But enough about the history of the hyperlink. How can we use them …

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Get RSS in Your Email Inbox with SendMeRSS

The once popular R-Mail has been rebranded by its new owner (NBC Universal) as SendMeRSS. If you’re a marketer reading blogs or if you’re a marketer interested in leveraging the power of RSS for your campaigns, the feed-to-email route may be the way for you to go since utilizing a feed reader (such as Bloglines, Google Reader, Newsgator) is not always the most popular way to consume feeds. Send Me RSS is a a free …

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CPN Turns 1 Year Old

Hard to believe, but this little blog is a year old this week. So, I decided to bring it back after a few weeks on hiatus.  I’ve missed blogging here and participating in some of the 50+ comment debates we got into in the past. Starting today, I’ll be jumping back into the 3-5 post a day routine and plan to do some live blogging from this week’s BlogWorldExpo in Las Vegas.  I’m speaking with …

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Google and The Quest for Information Archiving

I’m imagining a future 3,000 years from now when scholars and archaeologists attempt to put together the scattered fragments of our digital cuneiforms like we attempt to do today with the scant remains of Mesopotamian cultures from the past that were just as vibrant as ours.  I wonder how far Google will get before the barbarians invade and the library is burned? As early as the third millennium B.C., Mesopotamian scribes began to catalogue the …

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Economical Numbers

There are 10^11 stars in the galaxy. That used to be a huge number. But it’s only a hundred billion. It’s less than the national deficit! We used to call them astronomical numbers. Now we should call them economical numbers. Richard Feynman US educator & physicist (1918 – 1988) Quote Details: Richard Feynman: There are 10^11 stars… – The Quotations Page

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