Get a .Me Domain

Montenegro is opening up its coveted .me domain to the public today.

I’m sure the good stuff will go quickly, but there’s lots of interesting combinations to be had for blogs and sites…

.Me Domains Now Available to the Public – AppScout: “In 2006, Montenegro was assigned its own domain name extension: .me. Like Tuvalu and Djibouti, sheer coincidence has given the small European nation a potentially high-demand extension. Says EnCirca president, Thomas Barrett of .me, ‘[It] offers real personalization of domains. For instance, why not register for the born leader? Or perhaps, for the incessant blogger? EnCirca is excited to be part of this strategic campaign and we applaud Montenegro for making the most of their virtual resources.'”

I’ve always wanted to really get into domaining. Seems like a fascinating business.


Turns out I jumped the gun a little (the title of the AppScout post didn’t help).

Trust points out the timeline:

May 6 – May 20, 2008: General Sunrise
May 20 – June 6, 2008: Quiet Period
June 6 – June 26, 2008: Land Rush
June 26 – July 17, 2008: Quiet Period
July 17, 2008: Open Registration

Looks like you’re paying to play in the initial land rush if you pay the $98 for 2 years now (like I did… d’oh!).

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