“Reopen” Domain Surge 1

“Reopen” Domain Surge

Propaganda and misinformation are easy to propagate on the web as one of my mentors, Wayne Porter, would frequently show me. Now is not the time to let our guard down. That lookup returned approximately 150 domains; in addition to those named after the individual 50 states, some of the domains refer to large American …

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Bible Domains

When the society — which lists several conservative Christian “founding partners” on the website — first applied for the rights to .bible, it pledged to provide wide access to “all qualified parties” interested in Bible issues. Soon after acquiring the domain name, though, ABS barred publication of material it defined as “antithetical to New Testament …

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“The site wasn’t hacked and the Bush campaign didn’t forget to register a domain. Bush campaign spokesman Tim Miller said that the campaign website is and that has been the case since the beginning of the campaign. The campaign has never used, and Mr. Miller says that searches for “Jeb Bush” bring up … and Continue Reading >

Namecheap Domain Move Update

Yesterday I decided to go with the gestalt and move a few test domains from GoDaddy to Namecheap. I’m happy to say that at about 9pm last night, I received an email from Namecheap saying the process had been completed (and one from GoDaddy saying goodbye). In total, it took about 10 hours from start-to-finish, …

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Get a .Me Domain

Montenegro is opening up its coveted .me domain to the public today. I’m sure the good stuff will go quickly, but there’s lots of interesting combinations to be had for blogs and sites… .Me Domains Now Available to the Public – AppScout: “In 2006, Montenegro was assigned its own domain name extension: .me. Like Tuvalu …

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