Some Merchants Removing NY Affiliates?

Thanks to @Trust on Twitter for the link to ABW forum discussing the NY State affiliate tax issue and the possibility that some merchants such as Drs Foster and Smith are removing affiliates based in New York state due to a new state law there attempting to collect taxes (and back taxes) on internet commerce:

The NEW NY Internet TAX Law – ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum: “It begins

Dear xx:

Due to the new online tax law in New York State we have decided to remove all New York state affiliates until this issue is clarified. We regret having to do this and hope that after further clarification or the law being struck down, that we will revisit this issue and hopefully be able to resume the productive business relationships we have enjoyed with you.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter and look forward to working with you again in the future.

The Drs. Foster and Smith Affiliate Team”

Head over to ABW for the full discussion (currently around 3 pages). This is certainly an issue that affiliate marketers need to be familiar with since many cash-strapped states may turn to more regulated taxing of internet commerce to fill their coffers.

NY state is truly a canary in the mine here.

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  1. Amazon Sues New York State Over Affiliate Related Sales Tax…


    I don’t know how closely anyone has been following this but it’s getting knarly.

    New York Goes Ga……


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