Month: December 2008

Does PageRank Still Matter?

Just in case you were wondering, Google’s Matt Cutts makes it official (on Twitter nonetheless): Twitter / Matt Cutts Curious to see what your new PageRank is now? Here’s a nifty tool (of course, you can always go the toolbar route, but that takes away all the mystery and surprise). Personally and professionally, PageRank is meaning less and less these days. Why? 1. Social networking sites (like Matt’s Twitter page) have taken on just as …

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Geek Dads @Home 2

We recorded episode 2 of GeekDads@Home today. Seriously, it’s a great show. Geek Dads @Home: “This week, the GeekDads (Daniel Clark, Joe Magennis and Sam Harrelson) welcomed a new member to the show, Brad Waller. Brad has pretty strong credentials as both a dad and a geek, as he explains, so he’ll be a welcome voice to the show.” Here’s the mp3 or you can look for us on iTunes. If you like geeky stuff, …

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Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Finalists

Will Jangro break the curse?? Lots of good nominees this year and congrats to all the finalists: Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Finalists Announced — “The Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Gala is affiliate marketing’s most prestigious, competitive honor for the leaders in the space. Award winners are recognized because they are innovative leaders with vision and influence. The Pinnacle Awards Gala is open to all attendees of Affiliate Summit West 2009 and takes place Monday, …

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FailSense and Putting out the FeedBurner Flame

I thought Google would buy RSS wundercompany Feedburner. I made the prediction on a couple of podcasts with Jeff Molander and his gang and was subsequently called silly or something to that effect. However, Google did buy FeedBurner, and I thought we would see a revolution in both RSS technology (more mainstream adoption, etc) as well as AdSense and contextual advertising. Turns out I was wrong about those two. Google continues to sit on FeedBurner …

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