Year: 2010

Even with cheap printed books, you can tell that someone proofed every page. With many e-books, they’ve clearly just been run through a converter with no proofing whatsoever.

Daring Fireball Linked List: Texts, as Opposed to Books

Astute comment from Gruber that reminds me of the transition from handwritten manuscripts and texts (often laboriously copied) to texts manufactured on printing presses at the end of the late Renaissance. 

Over the next five years, I expect for ebook curation and formatting to become a serious issue.  This will be especially true for the education space as we teachers continue to move away from textbooks and towards reading devices. 

Pay Per VOIP

Me initially: “yay! Finally.”

Me after reading description: “wait, really? Sigh.”

I have no issue paying for services. However, paying for 3G calls via Skype even though I already pay Skype and ATT seems a little… opportunistic by the vendors?

Just sayin’

Summa Theologica (for Thomas Whitley)

MH McCormick Field Panoramic

McCormick Field is a Beautiful Ballpark


So This Just Happened of the Day: Spoiler alert.


We report the design, synthesis, and assembly of the 1.08-Mbp Mycoplasma mycoides JCVI-syn1.0 genome starting from digitized genome sequence information and its transplantation into a Mycoplasma capricolum recipient cell to create new Mycoplasma mycoides cells that are controlled only by the synthetic chromosome. The only DNA in the cells is the designed synthetic DNA sequence, including “watermark” sequences and other designed gene deletions and polymorphisms, and mutations acquired during the building process. The new cells have expected phenotypic properties and are capable of continuous self-replication.

Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome

The more research I do on this, the more awe-struck I am by the accomplishment and potentials.

“To live, to err, to fall, to triumph, to recreate life out of life” indeed.

However, the beautiful calamity of evolution will seep into the created genetic lines and cause changes that the designers won’t be able to foresee or stop. It’s been that way since Eden (and even frustrated YHWH).

In the end, nature still is in charge.

While I am a Luddite who fears powerful folks sashaying with hubris, I cannot help but wonder:
Which came closer to preventing Dr. Venter from venturing this far?

Science teacher: Craig Venter: Cautionary Tale One

Sometimes, life is a lot like Lost (or the other way around).

At that time, Bent Stumpe was an electronics engineer, newly recruited to work on developments for the SPS Central Control room. One of the things his supervisor asked him to build as soon as possible was a device to control a pointer on a screen, also called a tracker ball.

The bowling balls – CERN Bulletin

Fascinating how revolutionary objects often get their start as very practical ideas. 

MH and I at Gavin’s 3rd BDay Party

Spartanburg Day School’s New Upper School

“The architectural style is a little bit different than what you’ve seen on campus so far,” Jacobs said. “This is really a new image for the school. It looks back to sort of the history of private day schools in this country.”

So exciting to be a part of this process and I’m happy my students will get to enjoy the benefits of a new space and ever-vitalized school in the coming years.

Middle School Field Day

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