Sam Harrelson

Dear Users of the Internet…


Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify etc are all fantastic… but at the end of the day you have to bring it all back home.

Flickr Says Thanks for All the Fish

It’s really not that big of a deal, but I’ve been a Pro member for the last three years… words like this lead me to think that maybe Yahoo isn’t putting that much long term investment in the Flickr service.

Thanks, Flickr

Why only until June 1?
We promised you access to your all time data, and we’re disappointed we’ve not been able to deliver on that. We’ve been trying for over a year to get the data ready for you and in the process we have found that it’s just not sustainable for us to offer this access over the long term. What’s available is what we have managed to generate so far, it’s offered as is with no guarantees. We know it’s missing some data but fixing the holes or offering the data for longer would require us to divert too much attention from making the rest of the site better which, as always, is our main goal.


Picasa maybe?

my tweetdeck

so here is how I have TweetDeck set up in its own Space (bottom left) on my macbook pro (click the images to go to Flickr and see full sizes).

all tweets from everyone I’m following on the far left (rarely look at), Pals next (about 50 people I really follow), Watch (tech and news followings) and replies.

Continued in Part 2 (since TweetDeck scrolls right)…

Asheville group (from a Summize search for Asheville so I can see if anyone is tweeting about my hometown), PartnerCentric (from Summize search on term partnercentric, which is where I work), Wofford group (from Summize search on my alma mater), Replies and then Direct Messages.

looks crazy, but works well for me!