Month: June 2012

(via OmniFocus for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store) My most used app by far.

Testing out in case the whole sandboxing thing in Mountain Lion goes the way I think it will and OSX goes the way of iOS…

“A pig like that, you don’t eat all at once!” Ah, I’m going to miss my 7th graders so much.

The Macbook Pro 5,5 is highly compatible with Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin. You’ll need to apply some of the adjustments listed below. MacBookPro5-5/Precise – Community Ubuntu Documentation Tempting.

Garden of Your Mind… Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind | PBS Digital Studios (by pbsdigitalstudios) (Source:

School is the price of being young and helpless! Not going to school is the reward of being grown-up, and strong, and powerful. You associate school with weakness and childishness. You associate non-school with strength and adulthood. Every kid knows that he is going to be rewarded for reaching the age of sixteen, or whatever …

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Dear Western North Carolina Weather Diety(ies): Can you please keep the weather like this for all of June (and July and August)?

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