Stranger Than Fiction

This is just getting weird… The truly amazing thing about this is just how pedestrian the NSA’s efforts are – according to NRC, they’re essentially running the same kind of phishing scams with false email requests that you’ll see from any other purveyor of malicious software. As an example, NRC points to how the British … Continue reading Stranger Than Fiction

Bringing Back the Blogs

I like this approach… I’ve been using it somewhat regularly here but need to be better about posting things like images or bookmarks here first and then letting them go out to the silos. Networks like Instagram are still hard to do, but Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are pretty easy. POSSE is an acronym/abbreviation … Continue reading Bringing Back the Blogs

Pocket 5.0 Update

After being an Instapaper user and fan for so long, I held out on Pocket for as long as possible. However, over the past year, Pocket has become one of my most-used apps and a go-to place for my workflow. While I’ve been using Feedly for something close to this new functionality, it will be … Continue reading Pocket 5.0 Update

Temple Run Movie?

Wasn’t that called Raiders of the Lost Ark with Indiana Jones? The Temple Run movie would tell the story of “an explorer who, having stolen an idol from a temple, is chased by demonic forces,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. via Warner Bros. developing Temple Run movie adaptation | Polygon. Continue reading Temple Run Movie?

Twitter Learns from Pinterest

While tools like Storify have been doing something similar to this, Twitter’s newly unveiled custom timelines feature could be incredibly popular (and valuable for your business): Starting today, we are introducing the ability to create custom timelines in TweetDeck. Custom timelines, which were just announced, are a new type of timeline that you control by … Continue reading Twitter Learns from Pinterest

The Danger of a Single Story

Great analysis… What happens when the Christian faith is reduced to a single story? In the mid-19th century you get slavish support for the institution of slavery. In the early 21st century, you get an all-white, all-male institution preparing pastors for leadership in all-white, male-led congregations. via Don’t blame Al Mohler, it was God’s idea. Continue reading The Danger of a Single Story

The iPod is 12

Still amazing to watch all these years later (start at min 24 for a glimpse of pure joy if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing): I can’t believe the iPod is twice the age of my oldest child, but I’m glad she’s growing up in a world of music sharing and discovery … Continue reading The iPod is 12

What’s After Web 2.0?

My pal Wayne Porter and I got into a fun spat almost seven years ago about what web 2.0 meant for marketers. We had a similar “what’s next” private convo on Facebook a couple of nights ago regarding Twitter’s very successful IPO. Seeing Twitter hit the mainstream over the last few years and now being … Continue reading What’s After Web 2.0?