Introducing Project Willie and Project Waylon

I’m excited that we’re launching a couple of new services for clients and potential clients this weekend (gotta beta test, you know… weekends are the best time for that!). We already offer our clients some pretty excellent services from overall marketing strategies to website design and development to social media management to affiliate marketing management to product design and development to billboards to … well I could go on forever.

However, we’re primarily offering these services to people or businesses or groups or churches on a more limited budget that want to have the ability to work with a marketing agency but might not have the funds to do so in the capacity that most agencies require:

1) Have Your Own Company/Church/Group Website: We’ve been calling this “Project Willie” for a couple of reasons we won’t disclose (to quote Willie), but the idea is that for an one time payment of $499 and $50 a month for hosting costs, you’ll get a professional and responsively designed clean and unique website that will serve you well for years and years.

We talk to so many businesses/groups/people/churches who want a well designed site on their own hosting plan but can’t afford the thousands of dollars it can take to accomplish that.

This is my attempt to help with that.

So for $499 and the $50 in hosting, they’ll get a great site, unique logo, email addresses, a web host, etc.

2) Learn About Your Own Site (why aren’t people finding us? why aren’t we ranking better in Google?): We’ve been calling this Project Waylon, and the idea is that you’ll get a complete diagnostic of your site at a high quality level from the point of view of a marketing agency that works with Fortune 100 companies on these same topics for $199. Phone calls or emails…whatever is most convenient for you.

Not only that, we’ll hook your site up to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and make sure you have the tools and insights you need to have a site that people discover and share.

It seems like common sense, but there’s a literal ton involved in figuring this stuff out, and we’re hoping to share our expertise with you for a reasonable cost.

More soon!

Is Google+ “Dead”?

Bring back Reader while you’re at it, Google!

What we’re hearing from multiple sources is that Google+ will no longer be considered a product, but a platform — essentially ending its competition with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

via TechCrunch

“Cast Screen”

This new? Haven’t seen this on the settings pull down before today (Nexus 5 on latest Kit Kat)…


Pride of a Husband

As someone who has spent considerable time inside of seminary walls, I know personally how challenging and gut-wrenching the process of discernment to ordination can be for anyone.

I can’t express how proud I am of Merianna in all that she’s accomplished in her time at seminary and in her time as a pastor.

If you need any proof of why “I’m amazed” (to paraphrase McCartney), go listen to her Easter Sermon from today at Emmanuel Baptist Fellowship.

It’s been an amazing experience to be able to share part of those experiences with her and I look forward to where her ministry takes her and our family in the coming years.

People like Merianna and the current crop of strong yet humble leaders coming up in the ranks of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship make me excited about our future as a group and the impacts that will be made on our communities as God’s Dream continues to be made real.

Making Easter dinner with dad on the new cooker…



Just spent the last hour side loading Google Apps onto my wife’s Kindle Fire HD. Amazing to me that Amazon makes this process so difficult.

Don’t get me wrong, I like most of what Amazon is doing in the media side of things but it has to hurt the Fire platform (tablets, now TV, and soon phones) to make installing Google apps pretty much impossible unless you know or are an Android nerd.

The Great Recession is Not Over

My home county is in dark green. It’s time that I got on the ball with Hunger Initiative.

“The recession has subsided for most Americans but it still hasn’t subsided for low-income Americans. Their situation just has not improved,” he said, adding that it was “probably worse now” because a temporary funding boost in 2009 to the key government food aid program known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) was allowed to lapse by Congress last year.

via NBC News


Making steak and vegetables for Merianna and I…the biscuit can pop still scares me every time.