March 2015

But It’s In the New York Times, So It Must Be True…

Incredible Editor’s Note following Thursday’s article by New York Times “tech” writer Nick Bilton… The Disruptions column in the Styles section on Thursday, discussing possible health concerns related to wearable technology, gave an inadequate account of the status of research about cellphone radiation and cancer risk. Neither epidemiological nor laboratory studies have found reliable evidence …

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R.I.P. Terry Pratchett

I first encountered the Discworld books as a young reader trying to find something interesting at our public library, and they changed the way I thought about science fiction, satire, and our own world. I’m sad there won’t be more from him (his daughter might continue the series), but what a legacy (and a good …

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Colonizing the Colonials

To get the full implication of this piece, you have to listen to the Thinking Religion that Thomas Whitley and I recorded yesterday. Great show and the thought piece at the end regarding post-colonialism and the import of valuing plays in nicely with this… In the same period, American public diplomats tried to influence education reforms …

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Writing Is Dead

Beautiful (and horribly depressing) read: It is not just that people with degrees in English generally go to work for corporations (which of course they do); the point is that the company, in its most cutting-edge incarnation, has become the arena in which narratives and fictions, metaphors and metonymies and symbol networks at their most …

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  Columbia weather in March.

My Tweets, Links, Music, and Books

I’ve put together a page here on my blog to aggregate all of my updates, music listening patterns, bookmarks on the web, and books I’m reading: Twitter: updates etc Music: iTunes / Spotify / Google Play Music / Pandora / Last.FM Bookmarks: Pocket and Pinboard Reading and Books: Goodreads I was pretty proud of myself. …

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Dura Europos and Its Art

 Just received my 1938 first edition copy of M. Rostovtzeff’s Dura Europos And Its Art today. I’ve now been able to secure every first edition of books about Dura (outside of the Final Reports, which I’m working on). Good day.