February 2019

The Moral Checklist

Merianna and Sam discuss old friends, new parenting techniques while attempting to figure out what makes the church different from the garden club. Support Thinking Religion Links: The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting – The New York Times Reaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life: Henri J. M. Nouwen: 9780385236829: Amazon.com: Gateway Amazon.com: Turtles …

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Episode 151: Debating Narrative Preaching

Merianna and Sam (and newborn Baby Girl) discuss insider language in denominations, the LGBTQ question facing the United Methodist Church, narrative preaching, and the difficulties of studying for a sermon in 2019 in the age of unlimited entertainment. Support Thinking Religion Links: Obama goes viral after sporting black bomber jacket with ’44’ on sleeve at …

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Episode 150: True Love Waits For Instagram Stories to Load

Merianna and Sam tackle Instagram Stories, performative social media, and generational gender divides in reading the Scripture. Support Thinking Religion Links: Franklin Graham on Twitter: “I encourage you to check out @RunTheRaceMovie—in theaters next Friday, Feb. 22. @TimTebow… “ True Love Waits – Wikipedia 20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders …

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Episode 149: Insta Bible Study

Merianna and Sam discuss Instagram Bible studies, reading the whole Bible in a year, and the search for authenticity in a time of societal shifts. Support Thinking Religion Links: Sam’s Bible Read Through Plan Thomas Merton’s Opening the Bible

Podcasting’s Big Moment

It’s probably the biggest news in the podcast industry since it began in earnest, because it’s such a huge play from a company with an existing network outside of Apple’s. Plenty of podcast startups have come and gone, but what’s unique here is Spotify could help the format reach millions of new users overnight. Source: …

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