Rubik’s Cubes

I always keep a few Rubik’s Cubes in my classroom (and here on my desk at home). My son and daughters think they are fascinating and are constantly “borrowing” them. My students think they are equally entertaining and use them to stay awake during my otherwise boring lessons on Newton’s Laws or the Periodic Table.

Something about Rubik’s Cubes stimulate us and cause us to stop and think, “Hey, I could solve that!” in a way that perhaps no other trinket could do. We love magic with playing cards or juggling, but those require skill and practice.

Rubik’s Cubes, it seems, is a human puzzle that at least seems solvable.  That is precisely why I love them in my classroom and on my desk… here at home. Humans love to solve puzzles when pondering the wider world around them. Go and do likewise.

Also, go watch this if you want to be blown away…

The New Rubik’s Cube World Record Is Just 3.13 Seconds:

In roughly the time it took you to read this sentence, Max Park solved a Rubik’s Cube. With his time of 3.13 seconds, Park bested Yusheng Du’s 2018 mark of 3.47 seconds. Just watch the video above…it’s ridiculous. I love how the judge comes in to preserve the scene as everyone goes bananas.

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