Chalk Apocalypse

So, when Hagoromo announced that it was going out of business in 2014, it caused a rupture in the math community.” I referred to it as a chalk apocalypse,” Conrad said. In a panic, mathematicians across America began stockpiling resources in preparation.” I calculated how many boxes I would need to last 10 to 15 …

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Oxford Classical Dictionary 5

I get it, but I still want a paper copy. Even the concept of a “dictionary” is no longer the same. OCD5 exists solely online. This means that we can do a number of things. — Read on classics.oxfordre.com/page/eicletter/letter-from-the-editor/

I’m here to manage a team not…

“I’m here to manage a team, not make rules,” Maddon said. “I learned my lesson from that.” http://m.cubs.mlb.com/news/article/168278928/cubs-joe-maddon-talks-policies-with-leaders

Architectures of Participatory Learning

But the meat of the argument is about how the best explanation for many of the group phenomena we see online, from ICanHazCheezburger to Wikipedia, is that people like sharing with each other and collaborating. Not always, of course. But there are architectures of participation that encourage the kind of sharing and generosity that enriches …

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Find out what basic safety equipment is in the lab. This affects what kind of activities you can plan. Ask ahead of time if notebooks and other consumable materials have been ordered. Once the school year starts, it’s often hard to get things that are not in inventory. Ask what technology will available to you …

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Ourlast big economic driver was engineering and the first stage of the digital age. At Institute for the Future, in our annual ten-year forecast program, we see an underlying shift to biology as a driver, and what I’m starting to think of as the “global well-being economy.” If biology and the global well-being economy will …

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Asia Has Claims on Spartanburg

We’re finishing up on construction of a new Athletic Complex here at Spartanburg Day School and I was struck this morning by an angle that caught my eye and triggered a memory of a book I once wrote … … looks like this reconstruction from Nineveh … … awesome.

Don Chance, a finance professor at Louisiana State University, says it dawned on him last spring. The semester was ending, and as usual, students were making a pilgrimage to his office, asking for the extra points needed to lift their grades to A’s. “They felt so entitled,” he recalls, “and it just hit me. We …

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The Kids Are Alright

Children are unconsciously the most rational beings on earth,” says Alison Gopnik, “brilliantly drawing accurate conclusions from data, performing complex statistical analyses, and doing clever experiments.” And not only does empirical work reveal this about babies and small children, but what is thus revealed throws light on some of philosophy’s more intriguing questions about knowledge, …

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Using MindMeister for Mind Mapping in the Classroom

MindMeister Academic Edition The Academic Edition of MindMeister is a complete collaborative mind mapping solution for educational institutions such as schools, universities and learning centers. It helps teachers and instructors to apply essential thought mapping elements in the classroom and ensure that learning is an effective and memorable experience. via mindmeister.com After doing some researching …

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Powerpoint in the Classroom Must Die

His philosophy is that the information delivery common in today’s classroom lectures should be recorded and delivered to students as podcasts or online videos before class sessions. To make sure students tune in, he gives them short online multiple-choice tests. So what’s left to do during class once you’ve delivered your lecture? Introduce issues of …

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Stunning Lack of 2.0 Teacher Tools on Web or iPhone

via mygradebook.com When I taught 8th grade science from 2004-2006, I made heavy use of MyGradebook and it eventually became (much to the delight of my students and their parents…and eventually administrators) my complete gradebook and student documentation platform. What wasn’t to like? In 2004, the social web was just getting cranked up and folks …

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Interesting or Comforting?

by Keri Smith via imperfect.posterous.com via garry.posterous.com Too good not to share. Thanks to those who passed it on.

AudioBoo Reconsidered bc Of Time Limit

http://boos.audioboo.fm/swf/fullsize_player.swf More Here: http://audioboo.fm/boos/40613-audioboo-reconsidered-bc-of-time-limit