One-Point Perspective

Kubrick… Kubrick // One-Point Perspective from kogonada on Vimeo.

Best Computer I’ve Ever Owned

Beyond my iPhone(s), this new Macbook Pro 15.4 inch Retina display (with 2.6 GHz and 16 gigs of RAM) is, hands down, the best computer I’ve ever owned for too many reasons to describe… Macbook Pro 15 Inch Retina Display – Apple Store (U.S.) Yes, it’s insanely expensive. No one said winning was cheap.

700 Decisions in 3 Days

That’s about 10 decisions per hour if the jury worked 24 hours straight. Given that it was probably 8 hours a day, that’s about 29 decisions per hour. Or 1 decision ever 2 mins: Live: Apple vs. Samsung: jury decision – The Verge: “Given the complexity of the task, a verdict back this soon is shocking. Some 700 individual decisions needed to be made for the jury to finish its job.” Boom.

New Business Card

Awesome thick (like hard card stock with red in between) business cards from Moo for The Harrelson Agency…

What I Did This Summer

What did you do this summer? It’s the question we ask of all our returning students we haven’t seen since June. It’s been a bit of a crazy summer for me. Well, more than a bit, really. Our Middle School technically let out June 14. That following Monday, I boarded a plane with our new (and awesome) Communications Director, Kelly Andrews bound for Connecticut and FinalSiteU. Finalsite is the company that has been hosting our …

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Vertical Rhythm

Beautiful and helpful post… 24 ways: Compose to a Vertical Rhythm: “On the Web, vertical rhythm – the spacing and arrangement of text as the reader descends the page – is contributed to by three factors: font size, line height and margin or padding. All of these factors must calculated with care in order that the rhythm is maintained.” via jfornear which I discovered via Dave Winer on Twitter

So Full of Angry

You know school is about to start when your bulletin board gets pranked by fellow teachers.

The Value of Starting Over

Sometimes, it’s better to knock things over and start again. I’ve been actively blogging on this domain and using it as the home base of my business since 2004. However, it’s time to clean up and start again. I’m still notebooking things over on my beloved Shareist site, but it’s time to make this a serious focus of my marketing and social media consulting business while I do what I do elsewhere. I’m excited.

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