Sam and Schaefer on Enchanted Rock near Austin, TX

I help churches, non-profits, community groups, political groups, NGO’s, and startups do better marketing. I also do consulting with large corporations when there is an appropriate fit. Since 2002, I’ve worked with groups, corporations, and businesses of all sizes and varieties improve their online and offline marketing.

I work with you, your group or organization across different marketing channels to find the best solutions for your needs. Whether that’s traditional broadcast, focused social media networks, email campaigns, or a new website design, I’m here to improve your reach through better marketing.

Although based in Columbia, SC, I travel frequently throughout the southeast and nationally for client needs. I’m a firm believer in making the most of our time and limiting the number of unnecessary meetings while using modern tech to keep chains of communication as open as applicable.

Unlike larger agencies, I specialize in transformative work on a personal and one-to-one basis that will challenge and grow what you’re trying to accomplish. There must be a good fit between us, or I can refer you to an agency that can fit your needs.

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Sam Harrelson
Phone: 828-414-1824

Twitter: @samharrelson
Facebook: Sam Harrelson Consulting