I’m a marketing consultant (and very good at it). Primarily, I work with businesses, individuals, religious orgs, nonprofits, community groups, political groups, NGO’s, and startups on everything from websites to public relations to crisis management. I also do consulting with large corporations when there is an appropriate fit.

Since 2002, I’ve worked with companies, groups, and organizations of all sizes and varieties to help them create better websites, marketing campaigns, technology implementations, and affiliate programs.

Here’s an idea of what I do for clients (you can learn more about me personally on my about page):

Project Management: I’ve often found that an outside voice will help push you or your company / group to do better. Project management is a highly overlooked part of the process of actually getting things done, but I’ve helped numerous individuals, schools, churches, community orgs, businesses, and nonprofits get to that next level in project management arrangements.

Tech Visioning: What to know what’s in the future in your industry? Just ask. I’m here to help.

Website Development: I’ve designed, built, and hosted websites for numerous clients over the past decade and have the know-how to build and scale an attractive, affordable, and great looking contemporary website. Every website build is unique and matches the client’s needs rather than being built from a template.

Search and Discovery Optimization: SEO + Paid Search + Social Media

Branding and Identity Creation / Revision: Logo, Slogans, Identity

Social Media Marketing: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, YouTube Ads, SoundCloud Podcasting Optimization and Content Creation.

App Development: iOS, Android and HTML 5 Web apps as well as customized social dashboards are all services Ioffer my clients. Whether you’re looking to publish an internal app for your employees or reach a whole new audience in the thriving app ecosystems such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play, we can help.

SEO and Paid Search: Not getting the amount of traffic you were hoping from Google searches? I can help you with “search engine optimization” of your existing site or a new site in order to get more traffic and potential leads. I have Google Certification and am a member of Google’s Partner Program for Agencies.

Affiliate Program Management: Setup, Expansion, Affiliate Recruitment

Print: Newspaper Creative, Copy, Information Brochures, Printing of Marketing Materials

Video: YouTube Campaigns and Productions, Facebook Video, Vimeo, Network Television, Roku Channels

Unlike larger agencies, I specialize in transformative work on a personal and one-to-one basis that will challenge and grow what you’re trying to accomplish. There must be a good fit between us, or I can refer you to an agency that can fit your needs.

Interested in doing better marketing? Get in touch…

Sam Harrelson
Phone: 828-414-1824
Email: sam@samharrelson.com

Twitter: @samharrelson
Facebook: Sam Harrelson Consulting