Bridging the Gap: Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy

finished this up tonight.

man, i LOVE Boethius and his Consolation of Philosophy (his Tractates ain’t too shaby, either…you can read them online with that link…read them on the Kindle earlier tonight).  forgot how much i love this stuff.  first fell for it while working on my Masters at Yale in a class on pre-Dante Christian philosophy.  what a class.

anyway, serious serious love.  i feel so excited that i rediscovered it. yeah, i’m a dork.

you can even read the whole thing on Google Books.  go do it now and then tell others to go and do likewise.  our world needs Boethius.

woah, good stuff.

Bridging the Gap: Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy

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O wretched minds of men! O blinded hearts!
In how great perils, in what darks of life
Are spent the human years, however brief!-
O not to see that Nature for herself
Barks after nothing, save that pain keep off,
Disjoined from the body, and that mind enjoy
Delightsome feeling, far from care and fear!
Therefore we see that our corporeal life
Needs little, altogether, and only such
As takes the pain away, and can besides
Strew underneath some number of delights.

The Internet Classics Archive | On the Nature of Things by Lucretius


so sad from Plutarch…

“The messenger you sent to report the death of our little child seems to have missed me on the way as he travelled to Athens; but when I reached Tanagra I learned of it from my granddaughter. Now the funeral, I suppose, has already been held — and my desire is that it has been so held as to cause you the least pain, both now and hereafter; but if you want something done that you are leaving undone while you await my decision, something that you believe will make your grief easier to bear, that too you shall have, so it be done without excess or superstition, faults to which you are not at all prone.”

ah, the Consolation genre (paper coming soon)…


Here it is: Google’s strategy to take over the world. Or at least, this is Google’s plan according to French consulting firm faberNovel, who summarize the Big G’s plot – from YouTube, to the Facebook threat, to competing with Microsoft, to Google’s iron grip on the online advertising market – and much more – in a mere 34 slides.

All about Google

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Revealed: Google’s Plan for World Domination


According to the Greek historian Polybius of Megalopolis (c.200-c.118), the First Punic War (264-241) between Carthage and Rome was “the longest and most severely contested war in history”. And indeed, it lasted almost a quarter of a century and probably, a million people lost their lives. In the end, Rome had conquered the island of Sicily, and had become a Mediterranean superpower. On this website, you can find the story of the First Punic War as it is told in the first book of Polybius’ World History:

First Punic War