Month: November 2006

Affiliate Marketing Mini-Manifesto

Last week, the brilliant Hugh McLeod issued a call-for-papers for short (500 words or less) manifesto’s for anything people are passionate about. Here’s my Affiliate Marketing Mini-Manifesto. Will it apply to you? Probably not. I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one… 1. Affiliate Marketing is Not About Money If you are doing affiliate marketing in hopes of making large sums of money, you are not going to succeed. Marketing, in the larger scope …

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Impulse Marketing Acquired

Impulse Marketing Group, associated in the industry with sub-prime credit card offers and lead generation, has been acquired by an unknown entity. Interestingly, the deal was facilitated by AdMediaPartners who was the same investment bank that providedstrategic advice to aQuantive in its acquisition of sbi.razorfish. Impulse has had some questionable associations in the past which has landed them in hot water as well (Google search). Whether or not this begins 2007’s “Silly Season” of online …

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Affiliate Marketing Will Never Change (Its Name)

Why can’t Affiliate Marketing become Performance Marketing or Traffic Marketing or Referral Marketing or SuperCoolLeadGeneratingMachine Marketing? Jacob became Israel. Allen Konigsberg became Woody Allen. Alphonso D’Abruzzo became Alan Alda. Archibald Leech became Cary Grant. Margaret Hyra became Meg Ryan. Issur Danielovitch became Kirk Douglas. Tom Mapother became Tom Cruise. Are those in the affiliate marketing industry stuck with the name “affiliate marketing” forever? Yes. There’s no getting around it Why? Because what “affiliate marketing” represents …

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Remembering Jai Rajkumar

Online marketing, for all of its vast niches and insider clubs, is a small community.  In some way, we all know each other and we all are affected when there is either good news or bad news.  We celebrate the births of babies together, we send congratulations for marriages and we mourn when there is a death in this large and extended family we’ve created. So, this week many in the industry have been touched …

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12 Practical and Immediate Ways to Strengthen Your Online Marketing Program

Over the last few weeks I’ve had more and more people ask me for five or six tips to help them get their program out of the online performance marketing doldrums. This is especially critical advice during the Holiday Season when more consumers (not just individuals, but people actually looking to consume) are online and actively seeking out deals, offers and services. You can let this potential traffic (and conversion) spike slip by, or go …

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Tag “costpernews” To Contribute

If you’d like to see something covered or participate in the conversation here without commenting, there are two simple options. -If you use, tag a page with “costpernews.” -Or, if you use, you can also tag a page with “costpernews.” Most of you are already using one of these two services in your daily browsing, so if you see something interesting, don’t hesitate to tag “costpernews” and I’ll take notice. I’ll feature the …

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The LongTail and JCrew Coupons

If you’re not following Shmuel Tennenhaus throughout the interwebs, you’re missing some interesting reads and insight. There are three seperate links in that last sentence, and as you know I am not a fan of links. The fact that I’ve put three links into one sentence should alert you to the potency of the content that Shmuly is producing. Hell, he’s even been credited with the destruction of a TV show. For another example to …

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ValueClick’s Video Advertising Network Coming

ValueClick has launched in preparation for their soon to launch in-stream video advertising network. On the site is a preview of their in-stream video technology (with footage from a recent adtech nonetheless) meant to show the quality and texture of what they can deliver. Underneath the video is an option for “In-banner video” as well as “In-stream video.” The in-banner video seems to be powered or associated with Eyeblaster. Here are the pro’s for …

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Shoutwire Considers “Digg” An Illegal Keyword But Accepts Profanities

Shoutwire, a Digg competitor, won’t let you submit a story that includes the keyword “Digg.” A fan of the Shoutwire service sent me an email earlier tonight with the tip to try and submit the previous’ post here entitled “Pay Per Digg” to the service. This is the result (try it for yourself if you’d like)… Netscape, on the other hand, does not restrict the “digg” keyword… And neither does Reddit… Interesting move by Shoutwire, …

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Pay Per Digg

First there was PayPerPost. Then ReviewMe. Just this morning Jim Kukral blogged on ReveNews about Agloco, which “pays you to surf.” Now, we have Pay Per Digg. Where Digg Submitters Pay for Digg Users to Promote their Stories. And, Where Digg Users Make Easy Money. Users are paid $0.50 for every 3 stories they digg. You can also submit a story to be amped by paying $20 plus $1 per desired digg. The value of …

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Shopping Spree: Great Bargain or Buyer’s Regret? pt 1

It’s Black Friday here in the US and countless Americans are driving from store to store looking for deals and the season’s newest gadgets and toys. In honor of the shopping season, over the next few weeks I’m going to be pointing out a series of acquisitions made by players in our space and asking your opinion on whether these where a bargain or a dud. Our first buy follows the theme of shopping but …

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Daily Stat Sheet 2: “Are We There Yet?!” Links and Affiliate Marketing

Following up on Wednesday’s post, here’s my podcast with a little more depth into my opinion of how and why we should move beyond links in affiliate marketing. Agree? Disagree? Contribute too the conversation. Homework is due Tuesday (see previous post)! dailystatsheet2.mp3

Are Links Dead in Online and Affiliate Marketing?

Are links, as we know them in online and affiliate marketing, done for? In order to answer this question, I’ve narrowed the discussion down to three areas: Leverage, Authority and Long Term Encouragements. Certainly, there are other areas and in the editing process of this post I cut a few of these out and merged them with the three categories above. However, as online marketing continues to mature, we have to confront this question about …

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“Daily Stat Sheet” Episode 1 (Rev Share on CPA Networks?)

Every day, very early in the morning, I’m going to be recording a 3-4 minute episode of Cost Per News Daily Stat Sheet in partnership with the great folks at BlogTalkRadio. This is the first episode and very experimental, so go easy, but do let me know what you think and what recommendations you have. I’m doing this day-to-day experiment in the spirit of a Coltrane concert… it’s jazz and heavy with flaws, highlights and …

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CPA Network Offers on MySpace Persist

At the beginning of the month, word spread that many affiliates using their links on MySpace were being terminated from networks such as Azoogle. However, it seems that the networks haven’t reigned in all of their affiliates. Marketing on MySpace normally uses viral means of spreading a hot topic, issue, movie, album or tech product. However, in this scenario, affiliate marketers use the ease of collecting a large number of “friends” on the MySpace platform …

CPA Network Offers on MySpace Persist Continue Reading > Announces Deal to Enter Japanese Online Advertising Market

Online marketing continues to grow in scale, reach and shape.  And now it is blooming in the international market as well. announced today that they have formed a partnership with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. to create a new joint venture to serve the Japanese online advertising market under the name “ Japan”. Japan is the second largest online advertising market ($3.4 billion) and expected to grow rapidly over the coming five years to $4.9 … Announces Deal to Enter Japanese Online Advertising Market Continue Reading >

Superman and Time Warner Cheating YouTube?

Shmuel Tennenhaus has just compiled an incredible video on his YouTube channel exposing some of the potential for fraud that exists on the YouTube platform. Specifically, Shmuly has uncovered some of the dirt on this week’s #1 subscribed to YouTube channel, “SupermanReturnsDVD.” While it’s not out of the realm of reality to suggest that the Man of Steel could rise to the level of YouTube stardom, realizing some of the tricks that Warner Brothers may …

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Windows Live on Mobile Phones: Implications for CPA and Affiliate Markets?

If you use search to reach new or existing customers, or rely on search marketers to expand your program or network, you need to pay attention to the blooming mobile market. This week, Microsoft announced a deal with Sprint to place Windows Live Search on phones to enhance its local and national search reach… “It’s very easy to use, and it automatically comes up on the [screen],” says Michael Inserra, Sprint’s director of strategic alliances. …

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Weekly Insight 11/17/2006

The podcast this week was an interesting experience. Only three of the regular cast were able to attend (Lee, Jeff and myself), so the conversation felt more personal and directed than it has in the past. There’s always a different dynamic in a conversation such as this when only a few people participate as compared to four, five or six. Again, I think we are slowly increasing the quality of talk and Jeff has done …

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Homework Assignment

There’s still time (two hours) to participate. Email me your answer to my question… “Are CPA Networks a threat to affiliate networks? Why or Why not?“

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