Social Media Will Save Email Marketing

11 thoughts on “Social Media Will Save Email Marketing”

  1. Interesting site, Alan. Hadn’t seen that yet.

    Is it a strong community or just starting out?

    Know anyone there I can do a quick chat with to get some more info for a post or review?

  2. Yeah it always amazes me just how many people don’t get RSS when it could make their life so much easier. Many people will still have a bunch of blogs in their Favourites and visit them all a few times a day to see if anything has changed.

    What’s wrong with RSS? Or do we just not explain the benefits properly?

  3. Good questions, Fraser.

    I still haven’t managed to convince my wife or my best friend to use a feed reader, but I do have them blogging… so that’s a start.

    I’ve heard people argue that MyBlogLog is competition for readers and is keeping visitors from switching over to feeds b/c the benefit of having your avatar seen on somewhere like TechCrunch by the right person could be a big deal.

    I hope Eric and the guys (and now Yahoo) implement something that would allow the “current visitors” list to include readers of the feed. Maybe opening a feed could trigger the avatar to be displayed just as a visit to the site does.

    That might defeat the point for some, but I think it would be a pretty darn nifty innovation and really encourage RSS usage.

  4. It’s great point Sam – I know I’ve probably started actually visiting blogs instead of reading the feed a bit more since MyBlogLog seemed to explode in popularity. I think that your suggestion has to got to be high up there on the wishlist to make it a better product.

    I think it’s also that people need to learn something new to use RSS that’s putting them off. Instead of learning how to use bloglines etc they just keep going with what they know and that’s just surfing the web & email.

  5. I tried RSS, didn’t like it. I like everything coming into one place. Email isn’t going anywhere. The thing you have to keep in mind is that we’re webmasters, site owners etc and spend a good deal of time on the internet. The average person doesn’t and sometimes I think we forget who our audience is. Sometimes I think we like these things because of the business we’re in and because it’s something new. But what about your average site visitor? I think with Costpernews your audience are people in the business so they’re more apt to trying this stuff out. Mine audience is just your basic online shopper looking to save money and don’t spend all day online.

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