Month: January 2008

Google Misses Earnings Numbers – Bury Gold in Your Backyard?

Wow, this is pretty surprising. I’m not an alarmist, but this is a pretty big miss for Google: LIVE ANALYSIS: Google Misses Revs/EPS, Stock Plunges – Silicon Alley Insider: “Overall, net revenue decelerated sharply–from 62% growth in Q3 to 52% growth in Q4–after a series of quarters with only modest deceleration. Expect this deceleration to lead to multiple compression: Google’s days of trading at 50X cash flow are likely behind it.” (Via Silicon Alley Insider …

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The Power of Blogging for Online Marketers

Zac Johnson was upset over a sudden change to Azoogle’s referral terms and blogged about it yesterday. Azoogle didn’t take long to respond. There’s a great deal for both publishers and networks to learn from all of this… AzoogleAds Makes Good on New Referral Terms | Super Affiliate Secrets from Super Affiliate Zac Johnson: “Once again, this fiasco has shown the power of blogging and communication. While some readers were angry that I removed AzoogleAds …

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Twitter Leaves Joynet

Twitter moving to another hosting company… will this solve the frequent downtime? I hope so. Joyeur: Twitter and Joyent: Update: “Twitter has been officially off Joyent since 10PM last night. This may come as a surprise to some after yesterday’s posts here and here regarding the two companies working together. Those of us at Joyent appreciate the opportunity we had to work with the talented folks at Twitter. It is a great service. We wish …

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Google PageRank Condoms

Techmeme‘s Gave Rivera chimes in on Andy Beard’s post about Google’s apparent -3 PageRank penalty applied to Techmeme. Great stuff… go read Andy’s post and Gabe’s full response: Techmeme PageRank Penalty? | Andy Beard – Niche Marketing: “Hey Tim Berners-Lee, you once said ‘hyperlink by enclosing anchor text in an A HREF tag’. Hope you don’t mind, but Google’s amending that with ‘oh, and make sure to use a nofollow condom on links to entities …

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Affiliate Blogging: Getting Started | ContentRobot

ContentRobot is a great company that is helping us move ReveNews from MovableType4 to WordPress. If you need help with WordPress installs or service, I highly recommend them. Karen, Dana and the team recently asked Stephanie Agresta, Carsten Cumbrowski and myself how to get started in affiliate marketing. Here’s our short responses: Affiliate Blogging: Getting Started | ContentRobot

New MarsEdit

There’s a new version of MarsEdit out which allows you to save drafts on the server side. What is MarsEdit and why should you care, you ask? Then you’re probably not blogging on a Mac. But, if you are go check out v 2.1: MarsEdit 2 – Powerful Blog Publishing For Your Mac

Twitter Down… Again

Something we’re seeing way too much these days when we try to login to Twitter: I love you, Twitter. I’ve loved you since Nov 2006. But you’re letting me down with the constant down time. I can (somewhat) understand Steve Jobs’ keynote from Macworld bringing you down, but the State of the Union causes you to hiccup? As Rex Hammock points out, there’s no way you’ll make it through the Super Bowl. So, please start …

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My Fav New Blog: The Fail Blog

I don’t know why, but “FAIL!” pictures are hilarious to me. I’m not a mean spirited person or of the Uncov persuasion. Yet, I can’t help but laugh. See many more at The Fail Blog (the new LOLCats?)

GeekCast Episode 3: Racing Stripes

Shawn Collins, Jim Kukral and Sam Harrelson expound on web celebs, affiliate network interfaces, iJustine and Jim's GuyLights (about an hour) Download the MP3 File Show Notes – TechCrunch Presidential Endorsements: TechCrunch – Spammer Sam: CostPerNews – 45n5 – Shawn in Middle of CJ/Pepperjam Spat: Pepperjam Blog – Super Affiliates For Sale: Affiliate Summit Blog – Zac Johnson Doing it Right: Zac Johnson’s Blog – Jim is a Twitter Hater: Jim Kukral’s Blog …

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First Political Attack Tweet?

I’m an avid Twitter user and fan (you can follow me here). I love when politicians use the service for updates and quick thoughts such as what Democrats John Edwards and Barak Obama have been doing in the presidential campaign as well as what Republican Rep John Boehner has been doing with Congressional business. My favorite person to argue with, Shawn Collins, let me know that Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain has brought the straight …

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Ryan Adams Live at The Paramount Theater on 2008-01-26

via the wonderful

I Spammed My MySpace Friends

Evidently, I’m a spammer… This was sent to me by my pal and super uber affiliate marketer Scott Jangro today. Clearly, that’s my name, my MySpace profile pic and my “identity.” Seriously, WTF? Clearly this did not come from “me” yet it did come from “me” according to MySpace. If you thought Facebook’s Beacon was bad, then this is terrible. I’ve logged into my MySpace account (which I rarely do) and everything seems in order. …

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Want More RSS Subscribers? Use Link Splicer

For the past three years, I’ve bookmarked a great deal of things using Last Spring, I decided to start using to bookmark marketing and tech related items that might be interesting for readers here and using Feedburner’s “Link Splicer” option to import those bookmarks into the RSS feed and daily email subscription newsletters. I wasn’t sure if people would enjoy the bookmarks or find benefit but soon realized they did. With the craziness …

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GeekCast Episde 2: Auto Approval

Lisa Picarille, Shawn Collins, Jim Kukral and Sam Harrelson discuss the week's news in affiliate marketing and online tech news. MP3 File Show Notes – Affiliate Summit Tips – Scoble Sells Out – Ethical Standards and Blogging – 45n5 and Affiliate Spam – WickedFire N00bery – John Chow – Izea, PayPerPost and Ethics – 5 Seconds of Suck – Shawn is Yoko Ono – Why is Jason Calacanis Affiliate Summit Keynote?!? – Auto Approval …

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Gospel Brunch at the Affiliate Summit

One of my favorite events (or at least the one with the best food) at the Affiliate Summit is the Christian Affiliate Marketing Assoc’s Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues. This is the second year the CAMA is putting on the event, and it should be even better this year since transportation is being provided from the Rio (where the Affiliate Summit is being held) down to the House of Blues. Last year, I …

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Affiliate Summit Pre-Game Show on Fri Jan 24

Missy Ward and Shawn Collins of the Affiliate Summit Conference are heading up a “pre-show” on WebMasterRadio tomorrow at 1pm. I’ll be taking part as a participant along with Jim Kukral, Wil Reynolds and Stephanie Agresta: The Affiliate Summit Pre Show will feature the following guests: Stephanie Agresta – Founder of Stephanie Agresta Consulting, which helps online entrepreneurs and emerging technology companies realize effective, cost-efficient online marketing programs Sam Harrelson – VP of Biz Dev …

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CPA to Eventually Beat Out CPC?

Forget the age old CPA networks vs affiliate networks argument. What about CPA vs CPC? That argument stirs up fun fighting words. Aaron Goldman has an interesting piece on SearchInsider about this issue and the potential for macroeconomic trends to have a very real impact on the search and direct response industries: Will CPA Get its Day? There are a couple macro trends that lead me to believe a move to CPA might be in …

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Warhol Would Be Proud

From my favorite new Flickr set, “Understanding Art For Geeks”

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