Google Misses Earnings Numbers – Bury Gold in Your Backyard?

Wow, this is pretty surprising. I’m not an alarmist, but this is a pretty big miss for Google:

LIVE ANALYSIS: Google Misses Revs/EPS, Stock Plunges – Silicon Alley Insider: “Overall, net revenue decelerated sharply–from 62% growth in Q3 to 52% growth in Q4–after a series of quarters with only modest deceleration. Expect this deceleration to lead to multiple compression: Google’s days of trading at 50X cash flow are likely behind it.”

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The Power of Blogging for Online Marketers

Zac Johnson was upset over a sudden change to Azoogle’s referral terms and blogged about it yesterday. Azoogle didn’t take long to respond. There’s a great deal for both publishers and networks to learn from all of this…

AzoogleAds Makes Good on New Referral Terms | Super Affiliate Secrets from Super Affiliate Zac Johnson: “Once again, this fiasco has shown the power of blogging and communication. While some readers were angry that I removed AzoogleAds from the blog, simply because you thought it would be a loss of revenue for me, you are wrong. My referrals and revenue sources from AzoogleAds are minimal and I made the decision to remove their links because at the time, new terms were put in place with no explanations or reasoning. With so many networks and revenue sources available, I will not tolerate drastic changes without reasoning, and neither should you.”

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Twitter Leaves Joynet

Twitter moving to another hosting company… will this solve the frequent downtime? I hope so.

Joyeur: Twitter and Joyent: Update: “Twitter has been officially off Joyent since 10PM last night. This may come as a surprise to some after yesterday’s posts here and here regarding the two companies working together. Those of us at Joyent appreciate the opportunity we had to work with the talented folks at Twitter. It is a great service. We wish Twitter every continued success.”

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Google PageRank Condoms

Techmeme‘s Gave Rivera chimes in on Andy Beard’s post about Google’s apparent -3 PageRank penalty applied to Techmeme.

Great stuff… go read Andy’s post and Gabe’s full response:

Techmeme PageRank Penalty? | Andy Beard – Niche Marketing: “Hey Tim Berners-Lee, you once said ‘hyperlink by enclosing anchor text in an A HREF tag’. Hope you don’t mind, but Google’s amending that with ‘oh, and make sure to use a nofollow condom on links to entities with which you have commercial relationships, and if your links are redirects, robots.txt disallow the redirect urls…wait, better yet, nofollow those too’. Thanks for the simplicity Tim, but this is what progress looks like.”

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Twitter Down… Again

Something we’re seeing way too much these days when we try to login to Twitter:


I love you, Twitter. I’ve loved you since Nov 2006. But you’re letting me down with the constant down time. I can (somewhat) understand Steve Jobs’ keynote from Macworld bringing you down, but the State of the Union causes you to hiccup? As Rex Hammock points out, there’s no way you’ll make it through the Super Bowl.

So, please start working (somewhat) regularly again. There’s lots of us out there who love you and are patient… to a point.

My Fav New Blog: The Fail Blog

I don’t know why, but “FAIL!” pictures are hilarious to me. I’m not a mean spirited person or of the Uncov persuasion. Yet, I can’t help but laugh.


See many more at The Fail Blog (the new LOLCats?)

GeekCast Episode 3: Racing Stripes

Shawn Collins, Jim Kukral and Sam Harrelson expound on web celebs, affiliate network interfaces, iJustine and Jim's GuyLights (about an hour)

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– Super Affiliates For Sale: Affiliate Summit Blog
Zac Johnson Doing it Right: Zac Johnson’s Blog
Jim is a Twitter Hater: Jim Kukral’s Blog
– Affiliate Summit Exhibitors Are Missing Out (By Not Doing Video)

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