Month: October 2008

Tweet the Vote

Since 2000 with the infamous hanging chads and Palm Beach liberals who “voted” for Pat Buchanan, presidential elections have become something of a circus sideshow in themselves. Both Republicans and Democrats fiercely fight over every vote (as they should) and the media loves to chum the waters with tales of voting irregularities. Thankfully, web2.0 has …

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Cheap eee’s Coming But Get A 7″ While You Can

A new report from Asustek (say it out loud… it’s fun) says the company will be shipping $200 variations of its now famous (and ubiquitous) eee PC. I grabbed a 7″ model in January of this year before Asus flooded the market with more variations than imaginable. It’s one of their “weaker” machines in terms …

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Wilco Performing The Wilco Song on Colbert Report

Wilco performed an exclusive song on The Colbert Report last night. Before the performance, Jeff Tweedy sat down with Colbert for a pretty funny interview. Here are a few highlights: Colbert introducing the band at the beginning of the show says: “True Wilco fans will listen to the show on vinyl.” Awesome. Colbert: I like …

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Affiliate Opportunity: Google Now Indexes PDF’s

One of the keys to success in affiliate marketing is getting your site or link in front of the people who are looking for the info, services, etc you are representing. Google has helped create the affiliate marketing landscape by becoming the world’s database of information as well as being fairly transparent on what it …

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Google’s New Link Reading: Potential Problem for Affiliates?

For those of you not content with Google’s present level of omnipotence, here’s more for you to chew on: Google Blog Search Now Reads Links on Web Pages: “Today Google introduced some changes in the way they index content from blogs / RSS feeds. Earlier they were only using links from RSS feeds to determine …

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I Miss Larry

It’s always late at night (it’s almost 3am now) that I miss Larry the most. It’s been less than a week, but reading a great blog post somewhere about an obscure Southern writer or statesman or chef and her or his connection to the Civil War or some county in Tennessee or Kentucky or Alabama …

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Ryan Adams and the Cardinals: Fix It on Letterman

great great album (and I’m not just saying that… I’m a huge but critical fan). Cardinology really grows on you: The CARDINAL CAVE – “Fix It” Live on Letterman

GMail Adds SMS Txt’ing

I, for one, welcome our new Google overlords. Wow, email, chat, RSS and now SMS all in one lovely package. Game changer! OMG – Webmonkey (thanks to my pal @bmoore622)

Highrise Deals I really do love Basecamp, BackPack and Highrise. All three of these products make up a substantial part of my business life as an affiliate and I can’t imagine having to hack together a “getting-things-done” solution without them. Even my wife, a physician, loves and uses BackPack on a daily basis. So, I’m excited …

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GeekCast 42: FailList

I had to do real work, so I missed participating in this week’s GeekCast (even though this might be the greatest podcast cover art ever, thanks to Shawn). Nonetheless, there are still a few good moments in the show. Go give it a listen… GeekCast 42: Death of the A-List Bloggers :

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