July 2009

Divisible Electrons. Democritus Would Not Be Pleased.

In a one-dimensional (1D) system of interacting electrons, excitations of spin and charge travel at different speeds, according to the theory of a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid (TLL) at low energies. However, the clear observation of this spin-charge separation is an ongoing challenge experimentally. We have fabricated an electrostatically gated 1D system in which we observe spin-charge …

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AffiliateHack: My New Marketing Blog

AffiliateHack is a blog about affiliate marketing written by Sam Harrelson. Sam is a longtime veteran of the affiliate marketing industry and previous winner of the Best Blogger award at Affiliate Summit and publisher of ReveNews and CostPerNews. Now Sam brings his unique perspective on affiliate marketing back to blogging form with AffiliateHack. via affiliatehack.com …

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Why Hasn’t Someone Made a FriendFeed Client for GMail like TwitterGadget?

I love TwitterGadget as a fully functioning Twitter client within GMail. Back in the "good old" days of Twitter, we had IM integration so these sorts of tools weren't needed if GMail was a major part of your workflow.  However, Twitter took that functionality (and Track) away from users in May '08, so we've been …

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Great Review of @Posterous

Years of building and maintaining my WordPress blog have resulted in my learning a lot about WordPress and getting a lot of grease under my fingernails. Weeks of using Posterous has resulted in a media-rich blog with several posts per week. Tell me which service is more powerful. via suntimes.com I started using Posterous primarily …

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IB Principles and Auto-Stitch

Clearly, I’m in love with the Auto-Stitch iPhone app.  But here’s some progress on one of the white boards in my classroom with pics of scientists who represent the 10 International Baccalaureate ideals… Sent from my iPhone

GMail vs Backpack

Now that I’ve decided on Backpack over Evernote as my hub of workflow (see post below), I’m in love with the Journal feature. As a teacher, it’s going to be a fantastic “private Twitter” that will allow me to record, sort and even subscribe (via the RSS feed and Google Reader) to my insights and …

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Classroom Panorama 2

Thanks again to the awesome Auto-Stitch app… Sent from my iPhone

Classroom Panorama

Thanks to the Auto-Stitch iPhone app… Sent from my iPhone

Joining Spartanburg Day School

Sam Harrelson joins the Middle School staff to teach 8th grade physical science, robotics and design technology. He returns to Spartanburg, where he and his wife, Anna, graduated from Wofford, following a circuitous route that began with earning a Master’s degree from Yale University, continued with successful forays into the world of business technology and …

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From Evernote Back to Backpack

I’ve been a longtime Evernote member going back to March ’08 (and then a paying Premium member since June ’08 shortly after they opened that functionality), but I just can’t figure out the best way to integrate the service into my workflow.  I’ve certainly tried because I do see so much potential in the product. …

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The Kids Are Alright

Children are unconsciously the most rational beings on earth,” says Alison Gopnik, “brilliantly drawing accurate conclusions from data, performing complex statistical analyses, and doing clever experiments.” And not only does empirical work reveal this about babies and small children, but what is thus revealed throws light on some of philosophy’s more intriguing questions about knowledge, …

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FriendFeed Catchup in GMail

I absolutely love FriendFeed's GMail IM integration. It's how I consume most of my FriendFeed content as well as lots from my favorite folks on Twitter that I have piped into FF via the Imaginary Friends (now Rooms) feature. So, if I miss a few hours and want to catch up on what is going …

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