June 2010

New Comics Day

I know it’s normally Tuesday, but I like going out for comics on Thursday. Yes, I’m Batman heavy…

The Cassandra Project

He rearranged himself in the chair. Winced and rotated his right arm. “Maybe that’s why they called it Cassandra,” he said. “Wasn’t she the woman who always brought bad news?” via lightspeedmagazine.com Fantastic short sci-fi story about the moon landings and international politics. Well written, quick and engrossing. I want this in novel form now, please.

Architectures of Participatory Learning

But the meat of the argument is about how the best explanation for many of the group phenomena we see online, from ICanHazCheezburger to Wikipedia, is that people like sharing with each other and collaborating. Not always, of course. But there are architectures of participation that encourage the kind of sharing and generosity that enriches …

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I Totally Just Tried to Scroll Up by Touching My Macbook Pro’s Screen. iPad Has Changed Me.

No matter how old I get, New Comic Book Day will always be exciting.

Something you don’t expect to say while making waffles unless you are the parent of a 2 yr old (and perhaps a geek): “Please take the Google yoyo off of your neck. Now. Thank you.”

Just got my iPad case… The HardCandy StreetSkin (looks like a tire tread on the back… Awesome).

tumblr_l3g3twDB4X1qazgbz Testing audio recording of Tumblr app on the iPad…

So the question becomes… how can my students and I best use these things in my 8th grade Science course? Fun Summer brainstorming ahead. Of course, let me know your thoughts. Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Arrived (by samharrelson)

thedailywhat: Meanwhile, At MIT of the Day: the MIT Science Fiction Society’s review of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight consists of this photo and nothing else. [reddit.] So so good.

Our Student Lab Notebook for next year’s Physical Science class. I should have our textbook fully done by the end of June (will be available on iTunes, LuLu and Scribd).