September 2012

Discovery Motors and Search Engines

Here’s a fun infographic we put together about one of our bigger selling points with clients (Discovery ie social media tied to SEO is insanely important to business):​

SEO on the Cheap

We get lots of questions from folks interested in ​improving their position in Google searches but who aren’t quite ready to jump into a paid solution like we offer. ​If you’re looking for “cheap SEO” (we didn’t coin this term), you’re in luck and have quite a few options. Here are a few free resources …

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First Fall 5K

For some reason last year, I didn’t run in many fall 5Ks and as I was running and training this summer, I realized I missed the scene and the energy that encompass a Saturday morning run for a good cause.  Asheville is the perfect place to get re-engaged in the running scene (although I would …

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We encourage our clients to embed a contact form into their websites because : it transfers communication about bookings and/or business to their website rather than their inbox with their dentist appointments and child’s soccer schedule.  the form collects valuable data that can be used for other purposes ​ Plus, when you realize how many …

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My Music Since 2005

It’s funny, odd and a little comforting to scroll back through back in my profile and see what music I’ve been listening to since I signed up for the service in August of 2005 (when I was 26 and a lot more wiser): samharrelson’s Music Profile – Users at In 2005, the social …

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The Next Step

You can’t argue with this type of closure… Closure « Steve Blank: “Fast forward 15 years. Retired for a year, I ran across an article that said, ‘$35 Million Dollar Supercomputer For Sale for Scrap.’  It was the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Cray Y-MP that had beaten me at Ardent.  It was for sale on Ebay. …

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Twitter as the Poisoned Coral Reef

So sad… Twitter was once that coral reef service we could all bet on: LoopInsight: IFTTT to End Twitter Triggers: In an e-mail sent to users, IFTTT’s CEO Linden Tibbets said that the service will be removing all Twitter “Triggers” on September 27, 2012 – a direct result of recently-published changes to how Twitter is …

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MarsEdit and Squarespace 6

Disappointed, but hopefully the Squarespace team will listen to Daniel… Red Sweater Blog – State Of The Squarespace: “It came as a surprise when Squarespace 6 was released earlier this year, that support for 3rd party editors such as MarsEdit was dropped from the service.” We use Squarespace (6) for the HarrelsonAgency site and I’m …

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Rainy Day

Parents’ Night at school this evening. Sleep will be sweet tonight.

Here’s To the Worst Dog Ever

Schaefer and Sam in Connecticut | Flickr – Photo Sharing! To say he was a good dog is a far stretch. However, he was the best friend a young guy growing into a man could have. Ever since that first cold winter in Connecticut for grad school, I’ve had my troublesome buddy to keep me …

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Paperless 1.2

Paperless is one of those books that I thought would be enjoyable for reaffirming what I already know but has turned into a constant reference guide for how I get things done and process info. Paperless, Version 1.2 — MacSparky: “It always made me a little crazy with my prior books that I couldn’t update …

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Discovery Marketing

At Harrelson Agency, we know that discovery marketing is revolutionizing how consumers search and interact. When I am looking for a place to stop as I am traveling, I know what I want. I know the foods that I like and the foods I don’t like, so I am going to wait and stop where …

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Discovering Client-Based Marketing

There is nothing better than having your client ask, “Could we….” and your being able to answer yes! You can see the hesitation because they have had experiences where other marketing or technology agencies have said, “No.” Discovering that your story can be told well and that there are more possibilities than you thought is …

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The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

Website is only a piece of the puzzle.  We like to find other agencies and learn more about what they do! Rock on, Blue Ion! 

Show, Don’t Tell

I try to explain to student writers that there is something powerful about talking around your point. It’s a strategy called showing and not telling. By using an interaction, a conversation or an observation you can show your audience what you mean. It may seem unrelated, but as I have talked to clients, I have …

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Evernote Amoeba Takes in Skitch

I’ve been a long time user of Skitch (since the early beta days… ’07 or ’08?) and a user of Evernote for just about that long. Both have become integral parts of what I do as a teacher and with my work at Harrelson Agency. It’s very cool and promising to see something as core …

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I Said That?

Students with blogs will keep you honest! hizzle quote | Carson’s 7th Grade Portfolio: “‘ Science is not about beauty, or subjective-ness. Science is a life style’ – Hizzle”