Keyword Research Tips

Good overview of keyword research here. Too many people neglect the usefulness of thinking through important terms and keywords in their web site’s content or blog posts. If you ask a Googler how to rank better in their search engine, they’ll tell you to “write great content.” That’s true but deliberately thinking about your “main …

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Your phone’s homescreen is dead; or how native advertising wins in the post-mobile world

“Part of this will entail  a shift in advertising to permission-based advertising:  asking the consumer whether she wants to see an ad — which would be asking her if she wants to receive information — for a particular brand at the current time. The consumer will have the choice: yes, I’m in the supermarket and …

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Playing Checkers At a Chess Match

We had the “viral singluarlity” happen on the internet last night and you can be sure that across newsrooms and marketing meetings this morning, there are discussions of dresses and llamas happening right this moment as the East Coast crowd goes to work and looks at all those sharing numbers and metrics. However, only BuzzFeed …

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A/B Testing for Mobile Websites Webinar

Split testing is incredibly important as all good marketers know. A/B split testing on mobile is extremely important as more marketers are realizing in 2013 and definitely into 2014. I came across this webinar this morning and thought I’d share as it’s always a good idea to hear tactics from others to improve conversions (especially …

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Yoast SEO Plugin and Modified Headers

  I’ve used Yoast’s SEO WordPress plugin a great deal in the past when I needed a “set it and tinker when necessary” on a client site or affiliate site we’ve developed. I decided to give it a go with the fresh WordPress install we’re using for CostPerNews and discovered something that I’ve heard others …

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2012 In Social Media

Nice infographic recapping the year in social media (amazing how time flies): Infographic: The Year In Social Media, A 2012 Recap Here’s to 2013!

Discovery in Your Comments

Disqus keeps improving both as a commenting and discussion platform but especially as an advertising platform. Disqus gets in right in a critical way. They aren’t selling their advertising strategy to only publishers or only advertisers. They also aren’t leaving out users. Just as we talk of Discovery as a combination of three things (paid …

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Google Maps App and Mobile Discovery

Smart piece that highlights some of the reasons we love the new Google Maps app on iOS and why it spells out the future of the (mobile) web… Why Google Just Made iPhone King: Ads | Wired Business | “Google’s willingness to ship iOS apps could look smarter as time goes on. The company …

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Thinking Before Acting

Seth reminds us why it’s important to think before we necessarily act. What change are you trying to make in him, his life, or his story? Thanks to Devin T for the link.

Mobile Means Disocvery

We like to chirp on and on (and on) about the need for companies to invest in what we call Discovery (again… a blend of organic SEO, paid search and social media campaigns that all tie nice and neatly together at the end of the day and/or month).​ However, one thing that we don’t get …

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Sample Weekly Discovery Report We Provide Clients

Here’s an example of the weekly (or bi-weekly) stats and analytics report we like to provide to each our clients​ about their Discovery (SEO, Paid Search and Social Media Optimization/Ads) marketing campaigns ​(The text, report and analytics are all real-life examples but we’ve changed the client’s name with their permission): Harrelson Agency WEEK 2 Discovery …

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Instagram Outpaces Twitter in August

​Here’s a fascinating report from comScore on numbers from August pointing to Instagram’s outpacing of Twitter relating to not just visitors but the all-important metric of engagement from AllThingsD.