Twitter Analytics Now Open For All

We’ve been using Twitter’s official Analytics back-end with our clients since 2011. Previously, you had to participate in Twitter’s advertising program to get access but it seems as if Twitter has opened up Analytics for every user now…

Twitter analytics: Tool lets you see which tweets your followers are actually reading.: “Twitter user @bdconf noticed yesterday that logging into brings up a page designed to help you get started advertising on the site. From there, clicking ‘analytics’ in the top menu bar allows you to view things like where your followers are located, who else they tend to follow, and how many people clicked on each of your recent tweets.”


Analytical packages are the meat and potatoes of our agency, so we’re excited that more people get a glimpse of what kind of data we work with in dealing with clients.

Specifically, Twitter Analytics do three nifty things:

– Help us understand how much website content is being shared across Twitter
– Allow us to see the amount of traffic Twitter sends to our clients’ sites or campaigns
– Measures the effectiveness of sharing buttons etc

Our normal client setup for a Twitter campaign also includes implementation with the awesome ThinkUp stats app (which goes much deeper into the data than Twitter Analtyics) as well as a custom shortened URL and stats flow through bitly. Of course, we tie that altogether with Google Analytics.

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