January 2014

Never thought I’d buy a copy of an OS on hard media again. Amazing what you are forced to do as a small business owner.

I’ve seen 3 happy snowball fights on the way to the office. Good to see SC kids enjoying snow.

ThinkingDaily: Being a Divorced Dad

Challenging but good podcast to do today. We’re raising some pretty amazing women and I can’t wait to see how they change the world… Sam talks about being a dad after divorce and how tools like Google Hangouts, Dropbox and Google Drive make all the difference despite the geographic differences. via ThinkingDaily: Being a Divorced …

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Fantastic ThinkingReligion show with @thomaswhitle…

Fantastic ThinkingReligion show with @thomaswhitley tonight about the role of American Civil Spirituality: http://thinking.fm/2014/01/27/thinkingreligion-21-american-civil-spirituality/

Don’t Do Branding First

Here’s my daily podcast from today where I explain the differences between marketing, advertising, branding, and public relations (at least in my opinion): Today, Sam evaluates those differences with a number of warnings and suggestions about how to do your marketing better and spend your money more wisely (and how to avoid the chutes and …

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Greenville’s doing just fine. I’m more concerned about the brain/talent drain in the Pee Dee of SC due to lack of state support for economic development and infrastructure: http://m.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/01/smaller-town-startups-stopping-the-brain-drain-in-south-carolina/283338/

Net Neutrality and the Power of Words

This is one of the most important things you’ll read in 2014. Don’t let the term “net neutrality” scare you if you’re not a “geek.” it’s a term that means Verizon or ComCast or (God forbid) Time Warner doesn’t have the legal ability to throttle or expedite the flow of bits over their wires and …

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