Month: January 2014

Never thought I’d buy a copy of an OS on hard media again. Amazing what you are forced to do as a small business owner.

I’ve seen 3 happy snowball fights on the way to the office. Good to see SC kids enjoying snow.

ThinkingDaily: Being a Divorced Dad

Challenging but good podcast to do today. We’re raising some pretty amazing women and I can’t wait to see how they change the world… Sam talks about being a dad after divorce and how tools like Google Hangouts, Dropbox and Google Drive make all the difference despite the geographic differences. via ThinkingDaily: Being a Divorced Dad | Thinking.FM. ThinkingDaily 25 mp3 is here or you can click above to play in your browser (and subscribe …

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Don’t Do Branding First

Here’s my daily podcast from today where I explain the differences between marketing, advertising, branding, and public relations (at least in my opinion): Today, Sam evaluates those differences with a number of warnings and suggestions about how to do your marketing better and spend your money more wisely (and how to avoid the chutes and climb the right ladders). via ThinkingDaily: Don’t Do Branding | Thinking.FM. It’s a point I like to make with clients …

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Simple Websites and Expected Formulas

I’ve built hundreds of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal sites over the years for clients (and a few for my own endeavors). One of the most frequent conversations I have towards the end of these builds when we get to the aesthetics and flow of a site is how design decisions impact not just “branding” but also user experience. Websites are not only meant to be representations of a brand or a company. Sites are meant …

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Greenville’s doing just fine. I’m more concerned about the brain/talent drain in the Pee Dee of SC due to lack of state support for economic development and infrastructure:

Bringing It All Back Home 2014 Version

I happened on a post by Alex King this week and it reminded me of my ongoing desire to bring back most of what I do online to this site (or at least having it as the hub of my online content production): I’m a big fan of owning your own online identity and owning your content. I believe that WordPress is a great tool for this, which is one of the reasons I’ve used …

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Net Neutrality and the Power of Words

This is one of the most important things you’ll read in 2014. Don’t let the term “net neutrality” scare you if you’re not a “geek.” it’s a term that means Verizon or ComCast or (God forbid) Time Warner doesn’t have the legal ability to throttle or expedite the flow of bits over their wires and pipes based on who is paying them for access. For years, our cable and telecommunication companies have been asking for …

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Blogging Still Matters in a Social Media World

One of the main things I want to do more in 2014 is post on my blog. It’s a daily fight with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. However, this has been my web home for over ten years now an I need to start treating it better. Great post by Matt… Blogging is harder than it used to be. We’ve gotten better at counting and worse at paying attention to what really counts. Every time I …

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