Month: February 2014

I kept checking our mail all day (working from home with pups) until I just realized it’s President’s (Presidents’ ?) Day. Running a business certainly turns you into a strange person.


I’m jealous that my wife has such a great domain (her firstname .net) name. I can’t complain, of course, but still… Followed by rearranging the schedule for Wednesday nights in order to postpone what was going to happen on the canceled service at another time and rearranging the other Wednesday nights to accommodate for the …

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SC Earthquake!

Merianna and I were watching House of Cards Season 2 and I happened to be sitting on the floor playing with the pups when I remarked “was that an earthquake??” Turns out… yep.

No Depression Legacy Edition

Uncle Tupelo’s No Depression is one of my favorite albums of all time. So excited to see this release… Released in 1990, No Depression, is a genuine milestone in American rock n roll, a still striking fusion of traditional folk and country with post punk innovation and hardcore ferocity. Amazon Link

Don’t Make Any Plans During This Window of Time

Good luck getting Comcast to show up for the closing [CARTOON] | ITworld. I can’t say I’m excited about the impending deal in which Comcast buys Time Warner, but things couldn’t get much worse. Ultimately, I’m still hopeful we’ll get either Google Fiber here in SC soon or a cable provider will give me the …

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ZeroScope Launch

I’m really excited that Harrelson Agency is helping out with the launch of ZeroScope this month. We’ve been working hard on this project for the past six months. Here’s a little info: Stethoscopes should not be a cause of the spread of disease by healthcare providers. ZeroScope is a one-use and easily applied device that …

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ZeroScope Stethoscope Barrier Protection Fund Raising We’ve spent the last six months working hard with Jack Krupnick and Fred Heys to launch ZeroScope. To say this has been a labor of love for Jack and his family would be an understatement. I’m so excited to see this project get its wings and move from pre-planning to production to full on …

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Going Back to Your Own Blog

Love reading posts like this from Joe Wilcox (great blogger and tech pundit)… My personal site is in state of revival, as I follow through on a long-contemplated change to my blogging style. I let inertia hold me back. No longer. via I Take Away Control From Google+ | 5 minutes with Joe.

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