September 2014

Earth Has Water Older than the Sun

They estimate that somewhere between 30% and 50% of the water in Earth’s oceans must be older than the Sun. via Earth Has Water Older than the Sun – Scientific American.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

The album Nevermind was released by Nirvana / Geffen 23 years ago in 1991 (I was 13). I remember this intensely because the day the album was released I was riding with my mom to the local discount superstore (Roses in Marion, SC) and I was intent on buying an Eric Clapton tape. On the way, …

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Taking Flight

Excited to see Blair getting recognition for his initiative to get our flight simulator program going (not to mention all the other things he does for Hammond from our athletic program to to keeping me full of ideas for ways for us to be innovative): Through the generosity of Columbia native Austin Meyer, Hammond is …

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Home Screen on My iPhone 2014

I like to post these every so often (this one from 2010 is historic) for my own archive uses… By the way, someone asked me yesterday why I had Lastpass on the front page and what it did as an app. I don’t know any of my passwords as they are all generated by Lastpass. Between that …

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Excited to have @meriannaneely here @hammondschool for the day!

Iterative Learning

Using our @makerbot Replicator 5th Generation to study design process involved with making movable parts in a single print here at Hammond…

U2’s New Album

I was a huge fan of U2’s Achtung Baby, Zooropoa and Pop albums. They are still three of my “desert island” albums that I go to when I need a good listen while grinding out some work. I own a number of b-sides, collectibles, and even vinyl versions of U2 albums that I’ve collected over …

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Innovation Tools

Have our 3D Printer, drone, and a class set of Sphero’s in my office @hammondschool. Fun afternoon of applied learning with our 5th graders! Location:Hammond School, Columbia, United States

What is Creativity Without a Keyboard (or Why I Want My Kids to Play Minecraft)?

Last night, my six year old daughter started playing Minecraft on my Windows desktop. She was clumsy with the keyboard / mouse combination that a desktop Minecraft experience requires. Telling her that “W” moves your character forward, and “S” backwards while you use your mouse to pan and active click (oh, and spacebar to hop) …

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MH Learning Minecraft

MH learning Minecraft and keyboarding skills…

Screens in the Classroom

To me, the crux of the issue of using devices in a classroom comes down to the culture of a specific classroom… is there a teacher at the front of the room sharing information and knowledge with an audience of students, or is there a collaborative environment (or something of a hybrid)? This is written …

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Which iPhone 6 Should You Buy?

I’ve had quite a few people ask me which iPhone 6 (the 6 or 6+) they should buy (money aside). Here’s a nice review I’ll be pointing to: Big vs. bigger: Which iPhone 6 deserves a place in your pocket? | Cult of Mac.

Microsoft Buying Minecraft?

This makes me sad… The video games studio behind Minecraft is in talks to be taken over by Microsoft, according to reports.It has been suggested that Mojang might sell for more than $2bn (£1.2bn). via BBC News – Microsoft is ‘set to buy Minecraft developer’.

Dave Winer on Twitter’s power users…

Dave Winer on Twitter’s power users: “We’re working for you for free, I bet that’s where a lot of your P/E ratio comes from, btw.” Yep.