Why Blogs?

Yep… Blogs are — or at least were — different. They are an individual’s place for speaking out loud, but the relationships that form around them were based on links among posts, not social networks that link among people. I’m all for social networks, but we also need networks of ideas. via Joho the Blog … Continue reading Why Blogs?

My Favorite Albums

My friend Royce challenged me to list my favorite albums on Facebook. I love music, so this is hard. But here we go… – Nirvana: Nevermind (the album that made me like music and changed my life and my generation.) – The Beatles: (The White Album) (sure, Abbey Road is a/the masterpiece, but I’ve always … Continue reading My Favorite Albums

Just told my (in)famous “three legged pig” joke on the sixth grade field trip in honor of all my beloved students who had to suffer through it over the years. All is right with the world. Continue reading

Packing for my first field trip in a couple of years. Headed to Space Camp with our Hammond Sixth Graders tomorrow through Friday. I’m probably more nervous and excited than they are (maybe). Continue reading

Taking Flight

Excited to see Blair getting recognition for his initiative to get our flight simulator program going (not to mention all the other things he does for Hammond from our athletic program to hammondschool.tv to keeping me full of ideas for ways for us to be innovative): Through the generosity of Columbia native Austin Meyer, Hammond is … Continue reading Taking Flight

U2’s New Album

I was a huge fan of U2’s Achtung Baby, Zooropoa and Pop albums. They are still three of my “desert island” albums that I go to when I need a good listen while grinding out some work. I own a number of b-sides, collectibles, and even vinyl versions of U2 albums that I’ve collected over … Continue reading U2’s New Album