Thunderbird’s Affiliate Program

Mozilla is best known for Firefox, but for fans of open source, sanity and alternatives to Outlook (or Evolution on Ubuntu), Thunderbird is a popular choice. And now Thunderbird has an affiliate program to spread the good word (although you get points and pride, not cash… so it’s more for the fanboi’s than the serious affiliate business person). Affiliates Home | Mozilla Thunderbird – Reclaim Your Inbox | Mozilla Thunderbird – Reclaim Your Inbox: “SpreadThunderbird …

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Amazon Updates Deals Widgets

Amazon continues to make interesting and noteworthy improvements to its associates program. I wrote off the ability make any money with Amazon a few years back because of my own lack of success with their offerings on my affiliate sites. However, I’ve been using Amazon more and more with great results on click-thru’s. They have so many options for affiliates and publishers (esp in niche categories that aren’t serviced well by traditional affiliate networks (which …

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Yahoo Gets Into the Performance Marketing Space

Yahoo announces their Yahoo Deals platform: Yodel Anecdotal » Blog Archive » Have I got a deal for you: “Retail isn’t all doom and gloom. While total spending may drop this season as consumers guard their net worth, Forrester Research predicts that online shopping will actually rise 12% over last year, mainly because half of online shoppers anticipate that the best values and deals will be found on the Web. And it goes without saying …

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The Valley Still Doesn’t Get Performance Marketing

Nick Denton, head of Gawker Media (which is the umbrella for such wide-read and influential blogs as Lifehacker, i09 (one of my favs), Gawker, Valleywag, Fleshbot, etc) writes about the coming online advertising apocalypse… Doom-mongering: A 2009 Internet Media Plan: “Internet advertising is by no means immune. Advocates of the internet claim that the sector is both more mature than it was during the last downturn; and it’s more ‘measurable’ than other media. They hope …

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You Got Your Basecamp in My GMail

I talk about Basecamp a good deal here. And there’s a good reason for that… it’s essential for web workers (which means all online marketers and/or entrepreneurs) as an end-all-be-all of productivity, project planning, organization, todo lists, whiteboards, etc. Now, you can add your Basecamp projects to GMail via Periscope via Labs. I’ve tried it… it’s tremendous: Gmail Gadgets: Add Your Basecamp Projects to Gmail: “To enable this gadget, you’ve got to have a Basecamp …

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Jim Kukral Rebrands as TheBizWebCoach

Jim Kukral, a veteran of the performance marketing world, MC of Affiliate Summit and serial entrepreneur, has rebranded himself as TheBizWebCoach and is writing a book called Blend This Book! about attention economics. Hi, I’m Jim Kukral, The Biz Web Coach! I’m doing something different here. It’s revolutionary! I’m offering my 12+ years of experience and expertise in a new way, through Web coaching on a membership program. Why? Jim sees this as the future …

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Zoho and the Cloud Stability Question

I’ve been a long time proponent of “cloud computing” and can’t imagine trading in my GMail or Google Docs on any machine I’m using for Outlook or Office tied to one machine or one OS. Whether I’m on my Blackberry, Ubuntu laptop, Macbook Pro, Nokia N800, iPod Touch, Mac Mini, my wife’s Vista laptop, etc I can get to every piece of email, every document, every note (through Evernote) every task (through Remember The Milk) …

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Jangro on Datafeeds

Jangro is writing some great (and useful) stuff these days over on his blog… Datafeeds Done Right, Finally. | “It was one of those painstakingly slow processes for the affiliate that caused this one to not even bother in many cases.” Head over to get his full review on how some networks are providing better datafeeds for affiliates and publishers.

MTV Music Portal is Nostalgia Central and Good for Affiliates

Sure, you can find most of that ancient medium known as the “music video” on YouTube, but having all those great videos from the 80’s, 90’s and early ’00’s in a neat searchable place is handy. BTW, here’s a vid for “New York New York” from my favorite singer/songwriter Ryan Adams that was shot just a few days before 9/11. I was living just an hour or so away from the city in Connecticut at …

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37signals New Affiliate Programs

37signals is the company behind such popular web worker products as Basecamp, Backpack, Highrise and Campfire. You’ve probably noticed the BackPack banner over in the sidebar, but now they’ve expanded the affiliate program to include their other productivity products. I’m pretty excited about that. If you’re a small business doing online markeitng and not using Basecamp, you’re really missing out. It’s the hub of my online business life and people like Scott Jangro are also …

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Jangro on Affiliate Networks and Social Media

Must read from Scott on why some affiliate networks “get” social media (or just social participation on the web) and some fail every time: Affiliate Networks and Social Media | “Commission Junction is, again, the only one missing from the party. Surely if Todd Crawford, Lisa Riolo, and Brian Caldwell were still there this would be a different story. Or me, for that matter. It seems to me that the basic pre-requisite to a …

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CPA Empire Rebrands as

CPA Empire has been rebranded into the choice domain This move reminds me of how Pepperjam has successfully rebranded itself as a “next-gen” network in the mindset of many affiliates. It will be interesting to see if can do the same for CPA Empire, which hasn’t always had the sunniest of reputations on the affiliate forums, etc. Here are some excerpts from the press release… “ provides us with a premier name to …

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Better Conversions with Motion Charts in Google Analytics

For those of us with allergic reactions to statistical spreadsheets, a new feature in Google Analytics makes seeing which keywords convert almost fun… YouTube – Motion Charts in Google Analytics: “Learn to use Motion Charts in Google Analytics to analyze your data in five dimensions. “

GeekToMe 6: Freemiums and Netbooks

Affiliate Marketing Legend and all-around geek Todd Crawford and I are back with episode six of our weekly podcast, GeekTo.Me. We had a ton of fun doing the show and it’s (in my opinion) our best show yet. We definitely keep getting better and better (and geekier and geekier) every week. So, if you’ve got the stomach for some heavy geek lifting, give it a shot. The show runs about an hour. MP3 File …

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Affiliate Opportunity: Google Now Indexes PDF’s

One of the keys to success in affiliate marketing is getting your site or link in front of the people who are looking for the info, services, etc you are representing. Google has helped create the affiliate marketing landscape by becoming the world’s database of information as well as being fairly transparent on what it takes to rank well in the search result pages organically (not to mention the ability to pay for positions on …

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Google’s New Link Reading: Potential Problem for Affiliates?

For those of you not content with Google’s present level of omnipotence, here’s more for you to chew on: Google Blog Search Now Reads Links on Web Pages: “Today Google introduced some changes in the way they index content from blogs / RSS feeds. Earlier they were only using links from RSS feeds to determine the resultset for link: operator but now they consider links that are mentioned on web pages as well very similar …

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GMail Adds SMS Txt’ing

I, for one, welcome our new Google overlords. Wow, email, chat, RSS and now SMS all in one lovely package. Game changer! OMG – Webmonkey (thanks to my pal @bmoore622)

Highrise Deals I really do love Basecamp, BackPack and Highrise. All three of these products make up a substantial part of my business life as an affiliate and I can’t imagine having to hack together a “getting-things-done” solution without them. Even my wife, a physician, loves and uses BackPack on a daily basis. So, I’m excited to see this new addition to Highrise (a fantastic CRM manager): 37signals Product Blog: Big new Highrise feature: Deals: “Deals …

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AAPP: Affiliate Approval Process Problem

Having worked on both the network and publisher side of affiliate marketing over the years, I’ve definitely wracked my brain for a solution to the affiliate approval process problem (hereafter known as AAPP… kinda catchy, no?). Jamie Birch has a new in-depth post on the issue from an affiliate manager’s point of view. Jamie has just launched his new JEB Commerce OPM company and is heavily dealing with the AAPP now. Jamie’s previous work at …

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