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Instagram Outpaces Twitter in August

​Here’s a fascinating report from comScore on numbers from August pointing to Instagram’s outpacing of Twitter relating to not just visitors but the all-important metric of engagement from AllThingsD.

New Business Card

Awesome thick (like hard card stock with red in between) business cards from Moo for The Harrelson Agency…

Retention, Not Acquisition

The mantra (I know, I hate using that term out of context as well) I use with my clients is “Retention, Not Acquisition.” That means businesses should put 75% of their efforts into retaining customers or users or community or whatever the relationship-model is with their constituents and 25% of their efforts into acquiring new ones. Twitter should hire me… Twitter: The Tail That Wags the Dog – David Smith: “However, Twitter seems to have …

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Can’t wait to see how this turns out… Think is just a Twitter clone? Then you’re missing the point — Tech News and Analysis: “What Caldwell wants to do is create what he and others think Twitter could have been before it decided to become a global media entity: namely, a unified message bus for the social web, or a way of tying together multiple apps and services into a single real-time information delivery … as Dud or Savior? Continue Reading >

Affiliate Site Twitter Profile Pages

If you’re using Twitter in conjunction with your other social media marketing plans for your affiliate site, don’t forget the important aspect of the design of your Twitter Profile page. TheNextWeb has a nice practical guide for points to consider when doing so (it’s aimed at brand marketing folks, but still applicable for performance marketers)… Tips for Twitter Brand Pages: “The header image can be used to direct the user’s attention to a specific item …

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What is the Job of Social Logins on Your Site?

I wish Craig would have included his sources for which research he cites here… Should You Use Social Login’s?: “Wondering  which social logins are the most popular option among users? Well, according to research, 42 percent of social logins use Facebook while the remaining alternatives are fairly equally distributed among Yahoo, Paypal, Google and others. If you can only select one form of social login…make it Facebook.” Regardless, if you’re going to use social plugins …

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How to Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing (and Life)

You should read this… Inri137 comments on I’m not as smart as I thought I was.: “I need to ask you, has anyone ever taken the time to teach you how to study? And separately, have you learned how to study on your own in the absence of a teacher or curriculum? These are the most valuable tools you can acquire because they are the tools you will use to develop more powerful and more …

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Back to Podcasting

I’m so excited to be back into podcasting on my own turf. This episode mentions a number of affiliate marketing related topics, so I don’t mind posting here as well: ThinkingDaily: I Am a Breathing Time Machine: Thinking.FM Exciting (for me at least)! Here’s the mp3 or click above to listen to the stream (and/or subscribe in iTunes). Now go and make your own affiliate podcast.

Should Your Affiliate Blog Have Comments?

It seems like a no-brainer that blogs should have comments. Blogs, by their nature, are spaces of dialogue and personal viewpoints. However, Daring Fireball and platforms like Tumblr have paved the way for an acceptance of blogs sans-comments. During my first attempt to reboot CostPerNews with the ill-fated adverbs.FM, I had a “no commenting” policy because I was so burned from the long epistles that would erupt on CPN from time-to-time (there’s nothing like friends …

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Piezo for Podcasting

I frequently use and love Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro app for recording audio from Skype or my Mac to use on my podcasts. However, Rogue Amoeba has a great new “lightweight” app for folks that don’t need the full power (or cost) of Audio Hijack Pro called Piezo ($10)… Mac App Store – Piezo: “Piezo now offers full support for recording from VoIP apps like Skype, iChat, and FaceTime. Local audio is recorded to …

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More on Like-Jacking and Quality Traffic

Last week I posted about the rise of “Like-Jacking” on Facebook and why digital literacy is so important. The WSJ covers the issue this morning as well… Spam Finds a New Target – “A common social-spam attack on Facebook, known as “like-jacking,” involves duping users into clicking on an image that looks as if a friend has clicked the “Like” button, recommending it.” When I first got my start in the online marketing world, …

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Geek Dads Weekly 106

I was on this week’s show and had a blast reminiscing with Daniel and Drew and looking ahead to what’s around the corner for affiliate marketing, gaming and social media… Always Made My Jumps – Geek Dads Weekly #106: “In which Daniel and Drew welcome Sam Harrelson back to the show for our New Year’s Special. Topics include spotty resolutions, video games, social media, Shoemoney, affiliate marketing and more.” The show runs about an hour …

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RSS is Still Important for Marketers

I love my RSS feeds that I’ve been curating over the last six or so years. I still think that as a delivery medium RSS is part of the future of the web. However, RSS has always taken a back seat to other ways of capturing and engaging visitors to other tactics such as email. As Scott Jangro wrote in a recent comment here: All Traffic is Not Good Traffic | Discussion: “But can you …

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Why Freemiums Aren’t the Future Path

Interesting piece by Tac Anderson on the concept of Path as an Upstream Social Network (USN below) compared to traditional networks like Twitter and Facebook which he terms Downstream Social Networks (DSN below) and how USN’s could affect the engagement of marketers with lucrative data-rich networks: What Path Teaches Us About The Future of Social Networks | @NewCommBiz: “Lets assume for a minute that as social networking evolves the social graph is filled with private …

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Mobile, Social Media and Curation Marketing

Marshall Kirkpatrick has a nice retort to a thought piece published in the Washington Post today proclaiming social media’s growth over… Dead? Social Media’s Explosive Growth is Only Beginning: “Social media in the age of instrumentation and connected devices may be more about aggregate social activity than about the long voice blogging and Tweeting. The intersection of people, machines and passively monitored objects (the cheapest input of all!) all combine to form an entirely new …

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All Traffic is Not Good Traffic

Affiliate Summit published its latest webinar today on the topic of traffic generation. Evan speaks for an hour about how he generates traffic and “fans” organically through search, via social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook, with email and paid search… 10 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Website: “Affiliate Summit ran a free webinar featuring Evan Weber, of online marketing agency Experience Advertising, on 10 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your …

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Facebook Like-Jacking and Need for Digital Literacy

Interesting: Criminals Used Affiliate Marketing Sites in Majority of Facebook Scams in 2011: The vast majority, or nearly 74 percent, of Facebook attacks in 2011 were designed to lead users to fraudulent marketing affiliate and survey sites, the report found. Affiliate marketing was a “rich source” of income for scammers, according to Amir Lev, CTO of Commtouch. First, it’s interesting to me that the writer focuses so much on how easy it is for scammers …

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The Problem with A/B Testing Ads in Social Media

Something to remember as you repeatedly hear “test test test!” and embark on your own split testing for various creatives via Google Analytics etc… How Not To Run An A/B Test: “Although they seem powerful and convenient, dashboard views of ongoing A/B experiments invite misuse. Any time they are used in conjunction with a manual or automatic “stopping rule,” the resulting significance tests are simply invalid. Until sequential or Bayesian experiment designs are implemented in …

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Learn Social Media Marketing in Las Vegas – Day After Affiliate Summit West

WIN a free ticket to Social Media Marketing Las Vegas – all you need to do to Tweet “Win a free ticket to #smlasvegas just after #asw11 Social Media Event in Vegas Jan 12 from @costpernews” If you’re coming for Affiliate Summit West, stay for Social Media Marketing 2011 and escape one more day of whatever it’s like where you live. If you’re lucky, your home airport will be snowed in and you’ll have …

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