Google’s Take on Our Hybrid Workplace Future

I need a cellophane balloon wall robot in my life. If a meeting requires privacy, a robot that looks like the innards of a computer on wheels and is equipped with sensors to detect its surroundings comes over to inflate a translucent, cellophane balloon wall to keep prying eyes away. Source: The Googleplex of the Future Has Privacy Robots, Meeting Tents and Your Very Own Balloon Wall – The New York Times

You Affects Us

There are also losses for which we can give thanks. Many White people have lost our often-willful ignorance of the damaging mythology of white supremacy. Others of us have lost the interlocking illusions of our independence and invulnerability. We know more fully than we have known that “I am because you are,” that what happens to “you” affects “us,” and that viruses (and most other threats to our wellbeing) don’t pass over the wealthy and …

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Let’s Stop Saying “Vaccine Hesitancy”

Exactly this. All of this… stop using that term. Marketing is real and using these terms engenders the concept (ie “Weapons of Mass Destruction” or “Lone Wolf Shooting” or “Bowling Green Massacre”). First, retire the term “vaccine hesitancy.” As any crisis communications expert will point out, it’s not a good idea to say things you don’t want people to be thinking. Repeating the term over and over again unwittingly communicates that there may be something …

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You can now unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask if you have an Apple Watch

Go grab the iOS 14.5 update in Settings > General > Software Update if you have an Apple Watch… and welcome to our mask-wearing longterm future! iOS 14.5 will let Apple Watch owners unlock their iPhone while wearing a mask: Another oft-requested feature, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Apple doesn’t support Touch ID in it is newest iPhones, which can make unlocking with Face ID while wearing a mask a pain. But Apple is …

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