Iris Hospital Alert App

Once installed, Iris automatically detects you in a hospital. After remaining there for 10 minutes, Iris reaches out to confirm if you’re okay or not via a push notification. If everything’s okay, perfect, just hit the the button to confirm and Iris will go into the background again. If you’re not ok and Iris doesn’t … Continue reading Iris Hospital Alert App

Anti-Social Bookmarking

I joined Delicious back around the Holiday Season of 2004 and soon started bookmarking with regularity.  Aside from GMail, Delicious was one of the first web2.0 sites I really got excited about. And for good reason. Delicious changed the way we all thought about bookmarking.  "A long long time ago, I remember how that music … Continue reading Anti-Social Bookmarking

Todd and Sam’s Geeky Podcast

Todd Crawford and I recorded our first (in a series) of weekly podcasts focused on all things geeky (gadgets, web2.0, new sites, etc). The show runs about an hour and I thought it was one of he best podcasts I’ve done in a while. File Here are the topics: – New iPods (and 2.1 … Continue reading Todd and Sam’s Geeky Podcast

New iPhone Unanswered Questions

There’s an interesting thread going on at FriendFeed around VentureBeat’s piece on what Steve Jobs didn’t say today in his SteveNote announcing the new iPhone 3G: iPhone 3G questions unanswered: AT&T subsidy, 3G data price, no video? – FriendFeed: “iPhone 3G questions unanswered: AT&T subsidy, 3G data price, no video? 1 hour ago” FriendFeed is … Continue reading New iPhone Unanswered Questions