Discovery in Your Comments

Disqus keeps improving both as a commenting and discussion platform but especially as an advertising platform. Disqus gets in right in a critical way. They aren’t selling their advertising strategy to only publishers or only advertisers. They also aren’t leaving out users. Just as we talk of Discovery as a combination of three things (paid search, SEO and social media marketing), Disqus is using the term “Discovery” as the linchpin for their strategy towards both …

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Disqus Trackbacks

Yay! Our long international blogging conundrum is over. Disqus FTW! Disqus Blog » New: Enable Support for Trackbacks in Disqus: “Go to the Configure tab and scroll down to General Settings. Check the box and let it do its thing. This is our support for standard Trackbacks. More fun Linkback implementations still to come.” However, this only works for the JS plugin, not the API plugin. Sorry, Jangro (seriously, head over to Jangro’s blog to …

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Embargoes and The Rest of Us

Although I did win “Best Blogger” at the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle awards this year, I am by no means an A Lister. I live in North Carolina, I don’t blog 20 hours a day and I’ve never been on the Gillmor Gang (although Gillmor did comment on one of my posts a while back, which was neat). So, I was a little surprised last month when I unknowingly broke an embargo regarding Disqus’ integration of …

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Disqus API Plugin To Be Updated Soon

Last week, Scott Jangro wrote a great piece comparing the Disqus API and Javascript plugins for blog integration. Most people would just scratch their heads and say “so what?” but there are some pretty big implications for the behavior of the commenting plugin and how search engines see blog comments, etc. “Search engines cannot see the comments rendered with the Javascript plugin. They do see the comments displayed via the API version of the plugin. …

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Disqus Now Has Seesmic Integration

Disqus continues to make blogging more enjoyable. Now, you can enable video comments through Seesmic integration with Disqus. To turn this on, just head to the Configuration tab on the Disqus dashboard: Give it a go in the comments if you’d like to test it out (you’ll see a “Record Video Comment” option). I’m still not sold on the general concept of video commenting, but I know that some people prefer firing off a quick …

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I Love Disqus

The comment solution I use here at CostPerNews is called Disqus. It’s fantastic and the best of both worlds for building a community out of your commenters. Today, Disqus is announcing a new funding round and a slew of new (and very cool) features that enhances the platform: Disqus Blog » Disqus releases Beta 2 – New features, lots of bug fixes, improved performance: “Bloggers are some of the most opinionated and vocal people out …

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