GMail vs Backpack

Now that I’ve decided on Backpack over Evernote as my hub of workflow (see post below), I’m in love with the Journal feature. As a teacher, it’s going to be a fantastic “private Twitter” that will allow me to record, sort and even subscribe (via the RSS feed and Google Reader) to my insights and … Continue reading GMail vs Backpack

Joining Spartanburg Day School

Sam Harrelson joins the Middle School staff to teach 8th grade physical science, robotics and design technology. He returns to Spartanburg, where he and his wife, Anna, graduated from Wofford, following a circuitous route that began with earning a Master’s degree from Yale University, continued with successful forays into the world of business technology and … Continue reading Joining Spartanburg Day School

The Kids Are Alright

Children are unconsciously the most rational beings on earth,” says Alison Gopnik, “brilliantly drawing accurate conclusions from data, performing complex statistical analyses, and doing clever experiments.” And not only does empirical work reveal this about babies and small children, but what is thus revealed throws light on some of philosophy’s more intriguing questions about knowledge, … Continue reading The Kids Are Alright