Reminiscing About What the Web Was

From 2008: The vanishing personal site – Jeffrey Zeldman: “Our personal sites, once our primary points of online presence, are becoming sock drawers for displaced first-person content. We are witnessing the disappearance of the all-in-one, carefully designed personal site containing professional information, links, and brief bursts of frequently updated content to which others respond via … Continue reading Reminiscing About What the Web Was

The Next Step

You can’t argue with this type of closure… Closure « Steve Blank: “Fast forward 15 years. Retired for a year, I ran across an article that said, ‘$35 Million Dollar Supercomputer For Sale for Scrap.’  It was the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Cray Y-MP that had beaten me at Ardent.  It was for sale on Ebay. … Continue reading The Next Step

MarsEdit and Squarespace 6

Disappointed, but hopefully the Squarespace team will listen to Daniel… Red Sweater Blog – State Of The Squarespace: “It came as a surprise when Squarespace 6 was released earlier this year, that support for 3rd party editors such as MarsEdit was dropped from the service.” We use Squarespace (6) for the HarrelsonAgency site and I’m … Continue reading MarsEdit and Squarespace 6

Paperless 1.2

Paperless is one of those books that I thought would be enjoyable for reaffirming what I already know but has turned into a constant reference guide for how I get things done and process info. Paperless, Version 1.2 — MacSparky: “It always made me a little crazy with my prior books that I couldn’t update … Continue reading Paperless 1.2

Twitter APIocalypse

And here we go… Changes coming in Version 1.1 of the Twitter API | Twitter Developers: “At the end of June, I wrote about how we’re working to deliver a consistent Twitter experience, and how we would soon introduce stricter guidelines about how the Twitter API is used. I’d like to give you more information … Continue reading Twitter APIocalypse