Cost Per Love

Huh? What’s that you say? You enjoy the conversations, content and growing community and you’d love to help contribute to making Cost Per News a reality every day but don’t want to pay the high monthly fee for advertising here? I hear ya. That’s why I’ve launched There’s a link in the sidebar over … Continue reading Cost Per Love

Major Overhauls

I’ve spent a good deal of time this week making some serious back end and infrastructure improvements on the site. You won’t notice most of the changes, but the site will load much quicker and some of the flexibile width image problems people were having in IE7 (which they deserve for using IE7) have been … Continue reading Major Overhauls

Digitas Acquired by French Publicis; Other Online Media Stocks Soar

The internationalization of online media continues. Advertising Age reports that: Publicis Groupe, the fourth-largest agency holding company, will acquire Digitas for $1.3 billion, Publicis said in a statement. Paris-based Publicis will pay Digitas shareholders $13.50 for each share. Both boards have unanimously approved the offer, the statement said. Additionally, ValueClick, 24/7 Real Media and aQuantive … Continue reading Digitas Acquired by French Publicis; Other Online Media Stocks Soar

Digg Podcasts

The new Digg interface is quite interesting and meta in its approach to all things social. I suggest taking a look at the new podcasting interface, especially.  The interface blows away anything I’ve seen for podcast aggregation so far from sites like Odeo or Yahoo. Users can listen to podcasts, digg/comment specific episodes and offer … Continue reading Digg Podcasts

The Value of Traffic

Interesting discussions floating around the blogosphere about the value of traffic from various sources such as social networks, search results, organics, etc.  Putting a specific value on that traffic can be difficult because a static metric to measure the importance and monetary value from different traffic sources is hard to pin down. Technology Evangelist has … Continue reading The Value of Traffic

Yahoo Denies Clickfraud, Offers Credit as Measure of Goodwill

The PepperJam Blog has an interesting account of a recent interaction with Yahoo over a potentially fraudulent situation involving unusual click numbers. I suggest reading the entire account there, but here’s an interesting snippet… FROM YAHOO (e-mail #2): Thank you for your patience while our Loss Prevention team reviewed your activity…. In response to your … Continue reading Yahoo Denies Clickfraud, Offers Credit as Measure of Goodwill

Google Selling Domains

Google will begin to offer domains for $10 a year in partnership with GoDaddy. “Hey, wait, Costin,” you say. “That’s great for them, but our organization doesn’t have a custom domain.” Well, I’m excited to let you know that we’ve made signing up for Google Apps for Your Domain much easier for those of you … Continue reading Google Selling Domains


Schmuel Tennenhaus is gathering quite a bit of publicity for his latest YouTube offering on the merger of AT&T and SBC. “This matter is auspicious, ATT has good wishes, FCC don’t be vicious, wash the dishes,” Schmuel raps between suggestive finger wags. “BellSouth is so hot, merger-licious.” Continue reading Merger-licious

Online Advertising More Effective than Word of Mouth

No big surprise here… DoubleClick Inc., the premier provider of digital marketing technology and services, today announced the results of a study centered on determining how companies can focus marketing investments to impact the role “word of mouth” plays in purchase decisions. The study, titled “Influencing the Influencers: How Online Advertising and Media Impact Word … Continue reading Online Advertising More Effective than Word of Mouth