Can Wikipedia Work with Affiliate Marketing?

Here’s the last part of our series (unless you’d like a particular service/platform covered)… how are merchants/marketers/affiliates using or not using Wikipedia? Wikipedia has received tremendous press and is appearing at the top of organic search engine results on every platform for most topics. Aside from the “Affiliate Marketing” entry, I’ve not been able to …

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Can RSS Work with Affiliate Marketing?

Everyone’s blogging. But, how are merchants and affiliates utilizing RSS to improve their programs? Is RSS a viable channel of commerce communication or just Web2.0 hype?

Firefox, Online Marketing and Community

I’ve been schooled. Asa Dotzler (community coordinator of many Mozilla Foundation projects including Bugzilla, the Quality Assurance Program, co-founder of Spread Firefox and fellow lover of astronomy) and I have been trading comments here on CPN regarding the FF browser and it’s community. I’ve included the initial part of the post which stirred the conversation …

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AdventureQuest – Online RPG with Affiliate Program

AdventureQuest, from Artix Entertainment, is a four year old flash based online role playing platform hoping to sustain a community in an already crowded field dominated by World of Warcraft. However, AdventureQuest has taken a unique twist with its plans to enroll members by signing up with the affiliate management company Partnercentric and starting a …

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Charity Tagging

Yes, this is another tagging ring, and yes I’ve used the term “meme” (apologies to Shawn Collins and David Lewis). However, this one came from a blogger I hadn’t yet heard of and supports good causes, so I’ve posted this here. What if the game of Blog-Tag going around the blogosphere in which bloggers are …

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PayPerPost Acquires Performancing

Michael Arrington is announcing on TechCrunch that PayPerPost is acquiring Performancing, the blog advertising platform. A number of blogs in the online marketing sector use Performancing (such as Linda Buquet and Steve Rubel among 28,000 others), and I wonder how this will affect or not affect their use, of the Performancing platform. Is this a …

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Open Sourcing Affiliate Marketing

Could affiliate marketing, or online marketing for that matter, ever work on a complete open source model? Or perhaps to frame the question more appropriately… Could an affiliate marketing network, broker, agency or even publisher ever succeed (yes, I know that’s a subjective term) with an open source model?

Quicken and Quickbooks Move to MyAP

    The much talked about MyAffiliateProgram v9 platform has landed another large merchant client.  Intuit Inc. has announced that it will use MyAP for its Quicken and QuickBooks affiliate programs. “Intuit has joined a number of our marquee clients, like Yahoo! Search Marketing and Yamaha, in choosing MYAP to manage their affiliate relationships,” said Todd …

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Will the New SSL Safety Features in IE7 Hurt Small Merchants?

Small merchants who rely on channels such as affiliate marketing could possibly be feeling some unwanted side effects of the adoption of IE7 and other web browsers such as Opera in January when Microsoft will begin to use a new verification feature to stop phishing scams. The problem could be in a new digital certificate …

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The Affiliate Blog List

Scott Jangro has released his Affiliate Blog List project. It’s part affiliate blog index where you can perhaps discover some new affiliate marketing blogs. It’s part RSS reader where you can see the latest affiliate blog entries all in one place. And it’s part Digg — you can give individual blog entries a boost in …

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Verizon to Accept Ads on Mobile Phones and Online Marketing Implications

Verizon is going to begin allowing the placement of ads on the phones of users… Beginning early next year, Verizon Wireless will allow placement of banner advertisements on news, weather, sports and other Internet sites that users visit and display on their mobile phones, company executives said. In terms of online marketing, this is a …

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Google’s Incentive and the Open Source Movement in Online Marketing

The blogosphere has been all abuzz with the latest news from Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, in that he is attempting to construct a human generated search platform to rival Google. Search is part of the fundamental infrastructure of the Internet. And, it is currently broken. Why is it broken? It is broken for …

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Newsweek Says 2007 Is the “Year of the Widget”

First, Time Magazine anoints web2.0 users as the “Person of the Year” (see below for conversations on whether or not that includes those involved in the affiliate marketing community). Now, Newsweek is describing 2007 as the “Year of the Widget.” “It’s better than advertising,” says Om Malik. “It’s in front of your eyes constantly; that …

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Happy Holidays and Thank You’s

I hope everyone has a fun, happy and warm holiday where ever you are and whatever you are doing. Marketing is a distinct human endeavor in which we attempt to persuade, either directly or indirectly, others of the valuable nature of some service, product, program or idea that they are not yet aware of or …

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All Widgets Considered

Widgets will be hot in online marketing in 2007. Why do I keep insisting that? The metrics are right, the market is in demand, the new OS systems rolling out (Vista, Mac’s new OS X, and even Linux distro’s like my beloved Ubuntu) are encouraging widget use, and consumer adoption has begun now that the …

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