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Do We Really Want Our Government Run Like a Business? | Sojourners

In the Easter sermon at my own church, the priest commented that Jesus was killed by the 1 percent, in the form of an empire that exploited its citizenry for the sake of profit and growth. While this sentiment might not be surprising where I live in liberal Northern California, it’s also present throughout the Bible. President Trump, whose own religious beliefs remain puzzling, vague, and nearly impossible to parse even among theologians and religion …

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Link: How David Bowie helped my autistic son become himself.

I’ll freely admit that I didn’t make it through this without some tears… I don’t think it’s saying too much to suggest that Bowie helped Benj discover his humanity. Like all of us, the parents, the therapists, and teachers, he was drawing the child’s spirit out into the light of relations that could sustain it. But the opposite is true too. Bowie the wild man, the extravaganza, the extraterrestrial—he was, as he always knew, in …

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Episode 137: The Fertile Croissant

Dr. Thomas J. Whitley and The Rev. Samuel B. Harrelson play HQ Trivia and go to The Good Place to discuss Squab Goals. “My name is Kierkegaard and my writing is impeccable. Check out my teleological suspension of the ethical.” Support Thinking Religion Links: Megan Amram on Twitter: “here’s an abridged version of the full list of food puns i turned in with my first draft of tonight’s #TheGoodPlace episode…” HQ – Live Trivia …

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Alexa, go buy me some milk.

In the shadow of Amazon’s offices in downtown Seattle, people enter a tiny grocery store, take whatever they want, and then walk out. And nobody runs after them screaming. This is what it’s like to shop at Amazon Go, the online retail giant’s vision for the future of brick-and-mortar stores. There are no checkout clerks, or even checkout stands. Instead, a smartphone app, hundreds of regular and infrared cameras on the ceiling (black on black, …

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The Day the Music Died

We’re all suffering from something and we should all be able to admit that without feeling the need to keep on performing for people. It’s a serious deficiency of our American culture that we elevate fake stoicism. But gosh, I do love some Tom Petty music. Sad read but maybe it’ll help at least one person seek some help: ON THE DAY HE DIED HE WAS INFORMED HIS HIP HAD GRADUATED TO A FULL ON …

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As an AmeriCorps alum, this is just maddening

So frustrating. How do people like this climb the ladder to be something like head of AmeriCorps? “Trump appointee resigns as public face of agency that runs AmeriCorps after KFile review of racist, sexist, anti-Muslim and anti-LGBT comments on the radio”

Less School

This is going to put me at odds with many of my more liberal friends, but I do see the justification for the argument here as well as “The Case Against Education.” Education is big business and we’re not educating our children (or adults) in the US in a way that best suits their future or the future of our republican democracy. So what is really going on? Caplan offers plausible evidence that school functions …

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Jack White going electronic

Almost everything else about the song is baffling in a way that may alienate some fans, but potentially exciting to those of us who think the old shtick is a little tired. Most importantly, after his occasionally torpid second solo album Lazaretto, on “Respect Commander,” White sounds like he’s having fun again. Source: Review: Jack White – “Connected By Love” & “Respect Commander” | SPIN Weird – but I like.

Episode 136: A Million Little Candidates

Dr. Thomas Whitley and the Rev. Sam Harrelson discuss quantum hacks, the evolution of reality TV and its impact on our Gen X lives, and why 2020 will be a different political landscape than 2016. Support Thinking Religion Links: Thinking Religion is creating Podcasts | Patreon Roderick on the Line – Merlin Mann Explaining Meltdown with parallel worlds, libraries, and a bank heist – The Verge Oprah Winfrey 2020? These scandals might work against her. …

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Kodak Launches Cryptocurrency Called ‘Kodakcoin’

“Shares in Eastman Kodak Co. jumped as much as 77 percent after the former camera and film heavyweight said it would launch the Kodakcoin, “a photocentric cryptocurrency to empower photographers and agencies to take greater control in image rights management.” Source: Kodak Surges After Announcing Plans to Launch Cryptocurrency Called ‘Kodakcoin’ Interesting… I’ll be watching this to see how successful Kodak is with implementation and how widely adopted Kodakcoin is adopted by the photography community. …

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Episode 135: A Republic, If You Can Keep It

Dr. Thomas Whitley and the Rev. Sam Harrelson discuss the Bomb Cyclone, The Myth of Progress, The Apotheosis of Captain Cook, Lectionaries and conflating Gospels, and the need for a new political dialogue in our country. Support Thinking Religion Links: How “Natives” Think: About Captain Cook, For Example, Sahlins The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: European Mythmaking in the Pacific: Gananath Obeyesekere: 9780691057521: Books Common Prayer Pocket Edition: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals: Shane Claiborne, …

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