Best Blogger?

I was beyond honored to win the “Best Blogger” award last night at the Affiliate Summit. The Summit is a gathering of about 3,000 affiliate and online marketers and there were two very deserving guys also nominated for the award.

I’m here at the conference until tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll be posting some fun pics when I get a chance.

Another Marketing Legend | ReveNews: “I will note that our Revenews leader, Sam Harrelson, took the Best Blogger award and I applaud him on the gargantuan task of re-working almost a decade of commentary on this site into something usuable.”


More soon.

I miss my baby, btw. This is the longest I’ve been away from her and didn’t realize how much that would affect me.

I’ll be home soon, MH!





In the ages of the ancient advanced civilizations the presence of the Guardians of Time was recognized with respect, reverence and humility. Over the millennia a new mystery was formed and only a few chosen ones, like high priests, spiritual masters and shamans were granted to study it. They were the ones that got a deeper insight in the secret of THE TIME GUARDIANS. The beings were referred to as visitors from other systems, protectors or destroyers and even gods.

GeekCast Episode 6: Plugging the Right Holes


Every week Lisa Picarille, Shawn Collins, Jim Kukral and I do an episode of “GeekCast” where we discuss current trends in the geek marketing world ranging from tech to performance marketing.

The show is very free form and wide ranging, but there is a good deal of valuable discussion on affiliate marketing and related tech issues.

Here’s a brief and incomplete list of discussions this week:

-Headset Tech – Analogue or USB?
-Lisa’s Skype Troubles
-Cable is Dead?
-Super Bowl Twitter Friends
-Paying to Play in UK Affiliate Networks
-HD DVD is Dead
-Group Twitter at Affiliate Summit
-Ze Frank is the Steve Guttenberg of the Internet
-Jangro’s Approach to Affiliate Summit
-Affiliate Summit Attire
-Interesting Trends from the AffStat Report
-Aweber and Email Lists
-Gratuitous Nudity
-Gratuitous Pre-Rolls
-Gratuitous Politics
-Jim’s YouTube Porn Searches
-Jesus Horses
-Shawn Loves Metrosexual Country

Give it a listen and let me know what you think.