Month: March 2008

New Bible Discussion List: The Biblicalist

I came across a great new email discussion list that I promptly joined this morning called The Biblicalist. If you’re a student of the Hebrew or Christian Bible, it looks like a fantastic resource. This isn’t for everyone, but could grow to become something very valuable… biblicalist : The Biblicalist: “Welcome to The Biblicalist, a biblical studies list of academic emphasis open to all who wish to approach the Bible in its wider context, past …

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Do We Really Know How to Teach Ancient Languages?

In order to make sure that future generations appreciate and understand our historical legacy, we have to ensure that we are teaching ancient languages in the most appropriate manner possible. Here’s a thought provoking piece from the SBL site… Society of Biblical Literature: “Even if not as ‘useful,’ and proportionally much less popular than modern languages, in absolute numbers there is still a considerable interest in learning ancient languages. The demand is answered with a …

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Is the Lizard Man Back?

The Lizard Man sightings first popped up in my native Pee Dee region of South Carolina around 1988 when I was 10 years old. I remember buying a “Lizard Man” t-shirt at the I-95 Speedway outside of Florence, SC and wore it almost daily with pride. Perhaps that’s when my love of all things cryptid began. Anyway, there are new Lizard Man sightings in the Pee Dee according to WIS tv out of Columbia… …

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Sharing is Caring

I use Google Reader to plow through about 500 or so RSS feeds everyday. If you’d like to subscribe to a feed where I share things that I feel are interesting or useful, feel free to bookmark or grab the feed of my Shared Items page: Sam Harrelson’s Google Reader Shared Items At the behest of Tris Hussey, I’m strongly considering switching to NetNewsWire full time. Here’s the shared items feed for that: Sam’s NetNewsWire …

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What Does Jazz Have to Do With Neurology?

I’m a huge jazz fan (Thelonious Monk FTW), so I was intrigued by the connection between jazz music and creativity. Thanks to Ze for the link… brains and scrambled eggs: “ Neurology and Jazz: Using MRI Scans To Study Spontaneity and Creativity | Business Intelegant “

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