October 2014

Fun day of great Harrelson Agency client meetings in beautiful Asheville!

The Next Printing Revolution

Having access to a 3D printer at Hammond has definitely changed the way I think about design, production, and consumption (in a school environment at least). I greatly look forward to the concept of printing to continue to extend from hand written manuscripts to the printing press to 3D printing to this type of molecular …

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Math on the Simpsons

Fun read… A look into the deep, dark, strangely complicated world of Simpsons mathematics. via Homer's Last Theorem – Boing Boing.

My Favorite Albums

My friend Royce challenged me to list my favorite albums on Facebook. I love music, so this is hard. But here we go… – Nirvana: Nevermind (the album that made me like music and changed my life and my generation.) – The Beatles: (The White Album) (sure, Abbey Road is a/the masterpiece, but I’ve always …

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Just told my (in)famous “three legged pig” joke on the sixth grade field trip in honor of all my beloved students who had to suffer through it over the years. All is right with the world.

Packing for my first field trip in a couple of years. Headed to Space Camp with our Hammond Sixth Graders tomorrow through Friday. I’m probably more nervous and excited than they are (maybe).

I Went Back to Android

I tried. I bought an iPhone 5s in August and did everything I could to try and live in an Apple ecosystem full time (for science). However, given the choice at the Verizon Store yesterday between an iPhone 6+ and a new Moto X, I took the Android path. I don’t regret or second guess …

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