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Google Shopping Gift Guide and Importance of Trending vs Popularity

Google’s annual Shopping Gift Guide is out for 2020. While it’s a handy tool for personal shopping, it also has some incredibly helpful stats for marketing and messaging. The trick is to focus on trending items using data. The same is true for Instagram… the hashtags that you should be incorporating into your posts for …

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Undervaluing The Click and Mobile’s Importance in Conversions

Mobile advertising is worth ten times the amount marketers think because it drives more offline sales than marketers are able to measure, according to Google’s Matt Bush. Source: Google: mobile is ten times more valuable than marketers think Part of me (the marketing consultant part) wants to jump up and down and say “YES! SEE! …

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Google Affiliate Network 3.0

“To be clear, the merchants will still handle the actual product fulfillment, although the pages will be hosted by Google. The company emphasized that it’s trying to reduce the friction in mobile purchases without interfering in the relationship between merchants and consumers. That’s why the purchase page will carry the merchant’s branding, and if the product …

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Affiliate Summit East Returns to NYC

I was hoping for Charlotte, but the “wisdom of the crowd” makes it otherwise… After conducting a poll of over a dozen cities in the U.S. and Canada, we found that the most popular city for next year is New York City. via Affiliate Summit East Will Return to NYC in 2014

Tim Storm on Building a Team

Good read from industry legend Tim Storm on the ShareASale blog… FatWallet started when there were already a number of coupon sites to be found on the internet (and hundreds more yet to be started).  One of the great differentiators early on was that I hired employees to help build and operate the site, where …

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Affiliate Marketing’s Bad Rap

From VentureBeat courtesy of Scott Jangro on FB: “Be very careful when you sign up to affiliate networks. Do all your analysis. Profile the traffic, and then make an educated decision for yourself. Even though we were managing to get $200,000 a week of sales for all but nothing, this is not a sustainable business …

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Taking Up the Challenge

@samharrelson no, they want people who complain on Twitter but don't do a damn thing to exact change — Shawn Collins (@affiliatetip) August 12, 2013 // This week, MarketingTrends is turning into a group blog focused on the always fascinating space of online marketing, analytics, trends and thought development. If you’re interested in blogging regularly …

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YouTube Introducing Live Streaming For Channels with 100+ Subscribers

One channel that’s particularly valuable for many marketers, particularly in the affiliate industry, is live video (for webinars, etc), so this is great news: YouTube Creator Blog: Investing in you: more tools to build your channels: “Start live streaming if you have 100+ subscribers: All channels in good standing with at least a hundred subscribers …

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Affiliate Summit Offering Virtual Passes Starting with #ASE13

Pretty cool: Introducing the Virtual Pass Option for Affiliate Summit – Affiliate Summit: “This pass will provide access to all of the videos, and they will be available approximately four weeks after the conference.”

Todd Crawford the Podcast

Todd Crawford joins Sam for 45 minutes of fascinating talk about domains, online marketing, mustard bbq and knives (and what exactly Impact Radius is doing today and in the next few years). There’s a different performance marketing landscape in 2013 and Todd has a great vision of what might lie ahead for networks, advertisers, agencies …

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Affiliate Marketing After Coupons

Affiliate marketing as a mainstream channel is something we talked about a great deal in 2006 and 2007 when the industry was largely dominated by either email marketing or coupon marketing. It has been fascinating to watch the combination of social media and content marketing really transform the paradigm of affiliate marketing from faceless high …

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CJ Success Guy Meme

I forgot how cheesy the “success guy” at the end of the CJ signup process was until I walked a new client through the process today. Reminds me of a certain success kid… vs

Google Kills Its Affiliate Network

In yet another round of Google Spring Cleaning surprises, GAN hits the chopping block (to the surprise of many in the affiliate marketing world including myself): An update on Google Affiliate Network | Google Affiliate Network: “Our goal with Google Affiliate Network has been to help advertisers and publishers improve their performance across the affiliate …

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Search for Affiliates via Geolocation on AvantLink

Now we just need to get this narrowed down to states (and eventually zips): AvantLink Launches Geolocation Affiliate Tool – Affiliate Marketing Blog: “AvantLink has announced an update to their affiliate recruitment and application management tools. Merchants can now search for affiliates based on the originating country for the majority of an affiliates traffic.”