Doctored Photographs and Implanted Memories

Fascinating… now think of the implications in an era of deep fakes, AI, and ubiquitous access to information of all varieties at one’s choosing…

Full article: Doctored photographs create false memories of spectacular childhood events. a replication of Wade et al. (2002) with a Scandinavian twist:

In this replication, which rigorously recreated the method and procedure of Wade et al. (2002), participants were interviewed over three interview sessions using free recall and imagery techniques about three true and one fictitious childhood event photos. The balloon ride was modified to a culturally appropriate target event – a Viking ship ride – to ensure that the doctored photograph was functionally equivalent. The results showed almost identical patterns in the two studies: 40% (n = 8) of the participants reported partial or clear false beliefs or memories compared with 50% (n = 10) in the original study. The participants who reported false memories reported detailed and coherent memory narratives of the Viking ship ride not depicted in the doctored photograph. Our study successfully replicating the results of Wade et al. (2002), suggest that memories can relatively easily be implanted, regardless of cultural setting.

How To Remember Anything (Forever?)

I highly recommend you give this a try…

How To Remember Anything Forever-ish

I’ve long been a fan of reviewing the notecards that I take daily each night. Whether you’re running a company, teaching a subject, learning a subject, learning the guitar, or finding your way through life… you should be scribbling down notecards daily. Then review them at night. Then index and archive them repeatedly.

It’s a beautiful, easy (mostly) free system that will change you and help you change the world.