Month: October 2012

Using Math in Reality

Great piece… The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of Mathematics Education: “We should teach our students mathematics because they can use it to describe reality. They can use it to discover facts about the universe. Facts about their retirement funds, their living rooms, and the rate of fish food consumption in their fish tanks. Mathematics is a tool …

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Minnesota Bans Coursera

Dumb: Minnesota bans Coursera: State takes bold stand against free education.: “As the Chronicle notes, with admirable restraint, ‘It’s unclear how the law could be enforced when the content is freely available on the Web.’ And keep in mind, Coursera isn’t offering degrees—just free classes. Nevertheless, the startup appears to be playing along, posting on …

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Here’s the Future of Books

My daughters will read far more books than I have (and I’ve read quite a few) simply because they will grow up with the ability to read more books than I ever dreamed of having access to… The Humble eBook Bundle: “Pay what you want. Support charity. Read.” Here’s to the future.

Club of Honest Whigs

The name of my next band… Benjamin Franklin – Wikipedia: “Whilst in London, Franklin became involved in radical politics. He was a member of the Club of Honest Whigs, alongside thinkers such as Richard Price, the minister of Newington Green Unitarian Church who ignited the Revolution Controversy.” Geez I love Ben Franklin.


We don’t pretend that we don’t need inspiration, too. ​ In fact, as we are grocery shopping or eating lunch or filling up our cars with gas, we are noticing and observing how businesses are telling their stories. ​ Today as we gathered for a team lunch, we noticed the diner had placed a paper …

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Sample Weekly Discovery Report We Provide Clients

Here’s an example of the weekly (or bi-weekly) stats and analytics report we like to provide to each our clients​ about their Discovery (SEO, Paid Search and Social Media Optimization/Ads) marketing campaigns ​(The text, report and analytics are all real-life examples but we’ve changed the client’s name with their permission): Harrelson Agency WEEK 2 Discovery …

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