Mobile’s Massive Implications

There are some really great slides and info here… highly recommended: Business Insider – Here’s An Excellent Presentation About The Rise Of Mobile And The Massive Implications: “Revered Apple analyst Benedict Evans of Enders Analysis is giving a presentation May 29 at the BookExpo America convention in New York. It’s on the rise of mobile … Continue reading Mobile’s Massive Implications

On-Demand Marketing

Not totally on-board with everything here (by 2020 we won’t be tapping things to enable NFC connections nor will companies be texting us when we already have their app installed on our device or wearable), but this is an thought-provoking overview of just how much the web and coming improvements in consumer technology and IT … Continue reading On-Demand Marketing

iWatch Doubts

I’m still not sold on the concept of a “smartwatch” that replicates some of the functions of a mobile device such as the iPhone. Granted, I haven’t worn a watch in a decade but I do carry a mobile phone with me most anywhere. Apple’s watch will run iOS and arrive later this year, say … Continue reading iWatch Doubts

Square and Disruption

Square Gift Cards from Square on Vimeo. We make no secret of our love for Square and the ability to democratize transactions to the point of making our on-the-go clients very very happy. We even gave them out as stocking stuffers to clients. We couldn’t be more excited about Square’s new gift card functionality that … Continue reading Square and Disruption

Analytics, APIs and Mobiles

We’ve been experimenting with Keen’s API-as-analytics platform (simply drop some code into your existing code) on a few of the apps we’re building for clients and have been mightily impressed so far… Keen IO – Analytics APIs: “So many of the devices we use everyday are internet connected and could certainly benefit from great user … Continue reading Analytics, APIs and Mobiles


We don’t pretend that we don’t need inspiration, too. ​ In fact, as we are grocery shopping or eating lunch or filling up our cars with gas, we are noticing and observing how businesses are telling their stories. ​ Today as we gathered for a team lunch, we noticed the diner had placed a paper … Continue reading Impressions

Mobile Means Disocvery

We like to chirp on and on (and on) about the need for companies to invest in what we call Discovery (again… a blend of organic SEO, paid search and social media campaigns that all tie nice and neatly together at the end of the day and/or month).​ However, one thing that we don’t get … Continue reading Mobile Means Disocvery

Some Things Never Change

It’s fascinating to me that mobile ad networks are making the same mistakes that we made with web-based performance advertisements 10 years ago… Airpush – Developers: “Developers are paid on a CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions) rather than CPC. An “impression” in the case of Push Notification Ads includes any time an ad is pushed to a … Continue reading Some Things Never Change

I Love TinyLetter

Awesomely Simple TinyLetter Admin Page… Yesterday, I wrote about the seldom discussed differences between RSS subscribers and email subscribers to websites. It’s an interesting discussion when you ponder what it means to actually engage visitors and create sustaining revenue channels and interactions beyond just a one-time visit. One tool that I’ve been using on my … Continue reading I Love TinyLetter